5 Reasons Why A Fresh Prescription Is Essential For Managing Your Illness Better

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People with chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases have to be on lifelong medications and regular monitoring for optimal management of their health problems and to prevent and manage complications effectively. The medications that you take if you have a chronic illness are generally prescribed for months to years altogether. However, having your prescription re-assessed and getting regular checkup done is a great way to ensure that you are managing your health condition well.

Here is why getting a fresh prescription from your doctor after every 6 -12 months is beneficial for your health:

1 . Your Dosage May Change Over Time

When you are taking a medicine for a chronic illness, there is a possibility that the dosage and frequency may need to be changed over time. Your doctor will assess how your illness is responding to the medication. Therefore obtaining a new prescription every 6-12 months can help you manage the health problem better.

2 . New Medicines May Have Emerged Over Time

From the time when your doctor prescribes you a drug to the next several months and years, new research may have taken place for that illness and new and more effective medicines may have been released. Therefore, consulting your doctor on a regular basis can help you to take the latest and most effective medicines.

3 . You May Need To Stop Certain Medicines

When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness, you are given various medicines depending on extent of the disease progression. But over time, if you make healthy lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, your doctor may feel the need to stop some of those medicines.

4 . You May Have Developed Side effects To Some Medicines

Some medications when taken for years together can cause unwanted side effects. And you doctor can evaluate you for those side effects and stop that medicine and replace it with a better one.

5 . You May Need Certain Investigations

When you have a chronic illness like diabetes or high blood pressure, you will need certain important blood tests to assess the health of your kidneys, liver and other vital organs. By being regular with your health checkups, you can get these tests done and stay away from any complications. Also, in case you do develop some complications; your doctor will prescribe appropriate medicines for them for you to lead a healthy life.

This is why when you send us a very old prescription, we ask you to upload a more recent one. We want to make sure that the medicines that you are taking are helping you manage your health condition better. So, next time you we ask you for a fresh prescription, please do not get mad at us, it is only because we care for you!

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