6 Foods To Avoid During Period

Foods to Avoid During Period

6 Foods to Avoid During Period

When you are on a period you often experience certain bothersome systems like mood fluctuations, irritability, painful cramps or even bloating. One or more of these symptoms are common for every woman. Though unavoidable, these can be dealt with if one emphasises on nutritious foods and limits the unhealthy stuff. There are certain foods to avoid during period that help you through the discomfort:

1 . Caffeine

Caffeine is a natural stimulant and is found in beverages like tea, coffee, cocoa and traditional cola soft drinks. It is known to affect different effects in different people. An overdose of caffeine will affect your sleep cycle which is crucial during a period. Other effects include irritability, agitated moods and cramps. Replace caffeinated drinks with your favourite homemade smoothies and plain fruit juices which will ensure a smooth period.

2 . High sugary foods to avoid during period

Sugary treats are surely tempting during a period and these are the ones you must be wary of. Foods with visibly high sugar content like milk chocolates, sweetmeats, sugar layered doughnuts and those with hidden sugar like biscuits, soft drinks and packaged juices will cause an immediate spike in your blood sugar accompanied by a quick fall. It is during the fall that one faces an extreme urge to fill oneself with these foods again thereby triggering in mood fluctuations.

3 . Red meat

It is advisable to avoid red meat during this time. Opt for the leaner variety which will help you get the necessary lean protein and the fibre to offset excess food cravings. Lean protein will help to keep your blood sugar under proper control. Periods can cause food cravings and studies have shown that the cravings generally happen during the afternoon. Try to snack smart and healthy with fruits or soups which will make sure you remain full for hours.

4 . Refined grains

Due to intense food processing, refined grains lack many vital nutrients that are useful for the body. They have the ability to alter your blood sugar and interfere with your normal diet plans as they make you feel hungry soon after a meal. Examples of such foods to be avoided during a period are white rice, pasta, spaghetti, pretzels and commercially prepared cookies, cakes and pastries.

5 . Processed foods

Apart from all the preservatives, processed foods contain a high amount of sodium. Foods like chips, fries and tinned items are loaded with sodium. Once consumed they will cause bloating and uncomfortable cramps. Avoid them especially after dusk so that the bloating will not cause cramps and sleep disturbances.

6 . Alcohol

Alcohol is known to be a diuretic and it, therefore, causes the body to retain as much water as possible. Consumption of alcohol will cause a spike in oestrogen levels and can even prolong the pain experienced during a menstrual cycle. Try to limit alcohol to just one serving per day if you are unable to avoid it altogether.

Remember that it is important to have a good diet plan to alleviate the majority of the symptoms. Use these valuable tips for a less painful period and enjoy your regular activities as usual!

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