6 Common Sunscreen Mistakes That Can Harm Your Skin

common sunscreen mistakes

Applying sunscreen is one of the healthiest things you can for your skin. A good sunscreen with strong UVA and UVB protection can keep your from getting burned, minimize the development of wrinkles and brown spots, and can reduce your risk of skin cancer. But most of the people do not know how to apply sunscreens correctly, they  use too little, or skip important spots thereby making their skin prone to damage.

Here are the common sunscreen mistakes that you may be doing daily:

1 . You Apply Sunscreen Just Before Stepping Out

Applying sunscreen moments before stepping out in the sun is not going to help. You must apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step outdoors because it takes that long for your skin to absorb the protective ingredients.

2 . You Are Not Applying Enough

To get the advertised SPF, a little dab won’t do. For face and neck application liberal application is approximately ¼ teaspoon for the face, the same amount for the neck, and, if exposed, the same amount for the chest area. This amount, for the face and the neck, is the amount generally recommended by physicians.

3 . You Think Lips Do not Need It

Studies show that most of the sunscreen users don’t protect their lips Give this delicate skin more protection by applying an SPF 30 lip balm or lip sunscreen alone or under your usual lipstick or gloss. Wearing lip gloss without any coverage is a big no-no. The more hydrated your lips are, the easier it is for UV rays to penetrate deeper into unprotected skin.

4 . You Do Not Bother To Reapply

You can’t put on sunscreen once and be done with it for the day. Reapplying every few hours after direct daylight exposure will result in liberal application because of the extra layers of sunscreen you are putting on. If you sweat profusely (think outdoor exercise), wash your hands, swim, or get wet, you must reapply your sunscreen regardless of the SPF number on the product.

5 . You Apply Sunscreen Too Vigorously

Rubbing sunscreen vigorously into the skin reduces its effectiveness by nearly 25%. Apply your sunscreen smoothly and gently. You can try spray sunscreens that don’t require any rubbing

6 . You Skip Your Sunscreen When It Is Cloudy

Even when the sun is nowhere to be seen, 80 % of its UV rays still hit your skin. Windows block UVB rays but most let UVA rays through, that can cause skin damage. So even on days when you stay in a car for long hours  you need to apply sunscreen. Make sure to apply sunscreens on cloudy days as well as during winter months.

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So, if you are doing these common sunscreen mistakes, it is high time to make changes so that you can keep your skin healthy and young. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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