6 Amazing Herbs For You To Shed Off Those Extra Kilos!

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A significant amount of research supports the fact that that healthy eating habits, adequate exercise, and a healthy routine together serve as the effective ways for a healthy weight loss. However, there are a number of herbs that can help this journey along by speeding up your fat-burning metabolism or by stifling the cravings.  These six herbs can aid your body’s natural ability to eliminate body fat safely and effectively.

Let’s have a look at these six herbs that can aid your body’s natural ability to eliminate body fat safely and effectively.

1 . Dandelion

Dandelion, one of the cleansing herbs on the planet, is full of nutrients especially those that cleanse the liver. Every part of the Dandelion flower is edible and can help normalize blood sugar, alkalise the body, clear toxins and assist with inflammation. Together these key factors aid in weight loss.

-You can enjoy it as an infusion tea, take dandelion supplements or buy the actual greens to add to your meal preparations.

2 . Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is another cleansing herb alike the dandelion that cleanses the liver. The liver is the fat burning powerhouse if it is cleansed and free of toxins.  Milk Thistle has been shown to clear the liver of toxins so that it can effectively metabolize and burn fat and glucose for fuel and not store them as fat.

-You can consume it as a tea or take it as a supplement to reap its benefits.

3 . Peppermint

-Peppermint actually helps to reduce weight by eliminating water and toxic wastes. It is wonderful for aiding and regulating digestion.  It also reduces bloating.  Mint has also been shown to reduce appetite and reduce stress levels, just by its scent alone.  You can buy essential oils, take a supplement, buy fresh mint leaves or buy a mint tea to enjoy its many benefits.

4 . Spearmint

-Spearmint has been shown to release excess estrogen in the body that leads to weight loss and also enhances fat burning. Many people report feeling more hormonally balanced when using spearmint.

-If you think hormones could be the reason you are not losing weight, you can try spearmint tea. You could also choose to take a supplement

5 . Sage

-Sage is known to weight loss aid as it significantly reduces blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and anxiety. Calories are stored more as fats when we are stressed due to excess of cortisol (the stress hormone). Eating more calming foods like the herb Sage can help combat this imbalance

-Sprinkling just a little of the herb on the food will help to calm you down and even help you eat less.

6 . Oregano

Oregano is a rich source of antioxidants that help you lose weight. Oregano also aids in digestion and helps to decrease bloating and constipation.The aroma of Oregano has been shown to increase the happy hormone serotonin in the body.

-Sprinkle a little on your salads, vegetables, lean proteins and soups.  You can even sprinkle it on your omelets. You can also choose to take it in a supplement form or as an oil

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