5 SuperGrains That You Must Add To Your Weight Loss Diet!


Whole grains are seeds/kernels of plants that are storehouses of nutrients important for our bodies. Doctors and nutritionists suggest that having a mix of healthy grains in your diet is a good option since different grains contain different amino acids and nutrients which are all required for the body. Studies have suggested that whole grains have been found to significantly aid the weight loss process as well.

Here are some commonly available Indian grains that you can easily add to your weight loss diet:

1 . Barley (Jau)

-Also known as Barley in English, is high in potassium and fiber. It helps in promoting heart health and also lowers the cholesterol levels.

-Barley keeps you satiated for longer and hence prevents you from overeating and aids weight loss. It is a great option for the diabetics since it regulates blood sugar levels.

Ways To Include In Diet

Popular recipes of barley include barley soup, barley khichdi and vegetable stews.

2 . Sorghum (Jowar)

-Jowar, called Sorghum in English, was popular as an animal feed but it has been found to be a good source of proteins, vitamins A and B complex, calcium, iron and fiber.

-It is a rich source of dietary fiber and antioxidants. As it is difficult to digest, it keeps you full for a longer span of time.

Ways To Include In Diet

Jowar flour can be used to make roti, jowar dosa, uttapam. Boiled/steamed jowar kernels can be added to soups and stews. You can also dry roast or pop the jowar kernels and have it as a healthy snack.

3 . Millets (Bajra)

-Known as Pearl Millet in English, bajra is a starch-rich grain but the starch in bajra takes longer time to break down thus helping in weight loss.

-It also helps in regulating blood sugar levels and is a good option for diabetics. Bajra has also been known for its cancer-protecting and cholesterol-lowering properties.

Ways To Include In Diet

Bajra flour can be used to make bajra roti, dosa, vada. Whole bajra can be used to make khichdi. You can also use bajra flour for baking cakes, tarts, muffins but it will require a binding agent like eggs, yoghurt since it is gluten free.

4 . Ragi

-Ragi or finger millet has a high concentration of calcium and vitamins that contribute to bone strength.

-It has been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes and is ideal for diabetics. Slow to digest, it helps you stay satiated for a longer time and aids weight loss.

-An excellent source of essential proteins and amino acids, it is a rich source of anti-oxidants and acts as a natural anti-aging agent that blocks pre-mature aging and sagging of skin.

Ways To Include In Diet

Ragi flour can be used to make ragi idli, upma or soup. Ragi malt (ragi flour mixed with milk, water and gur) is an excellent option as a natural energy drink which also helps in weight-loss.

5 . Wheat Bran

-The outer brown layer of the wheat (bran) is found to be highly nutritious and mainly comprises of fiber and roughage. It also acts as a rich source of vitamins (B1, B2, B3, E), calcium, phosphorus, zinc and fiber.

-Wheat bran has been found to be amongst the most preferred options of a healthy breakfast by weight conscious people.

Ways To Include In Diet

Wheat bran flakes are commonly consumed as a breakfast option alongside fruits and milk. It is also consumed in the form of chapatis (the staple diet of many Indians).

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