Here Is Why Chewing Is Considered To Be Healthy For You!

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From the early formative years of a child, he is advised to chew his food properly. Chewing your food properly has been found to be beneficial for not only the young but the old as well and has several health benefits associated with it. It helps to keep you healthy as it aids digestion, helps to keep away those extra kilos, promotes oral health and also serves as a workout for your jawline. 

Here are a few reasons why chewing your food well is considered healthy for the body:

1 . Aids Absorption of Nutrients

-Chewing breaks the food particles to smaller particles and further eases the process of digestion. It aids the absorption of the nutrients from the food by the intestines.

-Studies suggest that the more one chews his/her food the better and quickly are the nutrients absorbed.

2 . Helps To Maintain A Healthy Weight

-It has been proved that if one chews the food well, he tends to eat slow and gradually you feel satiated much early.

-If you opt to chew your food twice than you normally do, you will end up consuming smaller portions. Effective chewing helps in giving you a better taste of the food and as a result you enjoy your food more.

3 . Eases Digestion

-Chewing your food well has been the first step towards improving ones’ digestion process. It helps the gastrointestinal tract with the absorption of essential nutrients.

-The gastric juices can extract enzymes and nutrients more effectively from smaller chunks of food.

4 . An Exercise For The Jawline

-Surprisingly, chewing has been found to be a good workout for your jaws. It not only helps you with easy digestion but also may help you get a better jawline.

-The saliva produced while chewing also helps to clear food particles and therefore keeps you farther away from oral problems.

5 . Reduces Unwanted Bacteria In Your Intestines

-Improperly chewed food tends to remain undigested when it enters your intestines. The residing bacteria tends to putrefy the food and leads to formation of gas and makes one feel bloated.

-Chewing will avoid such conditions and keep you away from diarrhoea, constipation, cloating and other digestive problems.

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