5 Natural Ways To Ease Joint Pains Effectively This Season!

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Joints, the meeting points of bones in our body, irrespective of their variety of shapes and sizes are critically important to our mobility and overall well-being. Statistics show that over 25% of the population world-over, suffer from joint or bone related ailments because of variety of reasons. They could be triggered by cold weather or a result of old fractures, injuries, bad posture or joint ailments.

Here are some natural remedies that can help to ease this pain and stiffness in your joints:

1 . Try Heat and Cold Therapy

-Use hot and cold compresses alternatively to help ease joint pain. Heat therapy helps decrease pain, increase blood flow and relax sore muscles and joints.

-Cold therapy reduces inflammation and numbs the areas around the affected joint. Do not use heat therapy if the affected area is red, hot and irritated.

2 . Massage Regularly 

Regular massage can improve pain, stiffness and range of motion in the affected joint. Apply a mixture of mustard oil and Camphor to relieve joint pain.

-You could use warm oil like coconut, olive, sesame or castor oil and apply gentle pressure while massaging.

3 . Go For Epsom Salt Baths (Sendh Namak)

-Epsom salt baths help in relieving joint pains. Epsom salt contains magnesium which helps reduce inflammation.

-Mix two cups of Epsom salt in warm bath water. Soak in it for about 20 minutes. Repeat three times a week until you get relief from your joint pain.

4 . Drink Turmeric Milk

-Turmeric is an excellent remedy for joint pain. It contains an active ingredient called curcumin with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

-Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a little honey in a glass of warm milk. Drink it daily, at least for a few days.

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5 . Try Lamb Trotters (Paya)

-Glucosamine is found in the fluid around our joints. It plays a vital role in building cartilage around the joints.

-Lamb trotters (Paya) are rich in Glucosamine. You can have them as Paya soup once a day.

So, go ahead and try these natural ways to reduce the stiffness and ease out the joint pains effectively this season. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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One thought on “5 Natural Ways To Ease Joint Pains Effectively This Season!

  1. Arvind Bahal

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from joint pains after chikenguniya in last September.
    Since after that my vitamin D comes to 3 only and my both knees are paining
    Please advise in the matter
    Arvind Bahal