5 Health Benefits Of Rice Bran Oil That You Need To Know!

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In recent times Rice bran Oil has also joined the list of super healthy oils. Rice is one of the most widely available and popular foods on the planet and rice bran oil is extracted from the germ and the husk of the rice kernels. Rice Bran oil is widely praised for its high content of Vitamin E, ideal fatty acid balance and rich reservoir of antioxidants.

Here are some of the health benefits of Rice bran Oil:

1 . Helps To Control Cholesterol

-Rice Bran Oil has the best possible composition of monosaturated, polysaturated and saturated fats compared to all vegetable oils.This balance of fatty acids means that the cholesterol levels in our body can actually be reduced and the ‘bad’ form of cholesterol is not allowed to bind the body.

-Rice Bran oil has been found to reduce the chances of conditions such as atherosclerosis and associated problems such as heart attack and strokes.

2 . Prevents Cancer 

-Free radicals are the dangerous by-products of cellular metabolism that can cause healthy cells to mutate into cancerous cells. Antioxidants neutralize the ill effects of free radicals and reduce the chances of developing various types of cancers.

-Rice Bran Oil is a rich source of antioxidants both in various forms of Vitamin E as well as compounds such as oryzanol.  Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant which means that free radicals in the body are neutralized.

3 . Aids Weight Loss 

-Rice Bran Oil maybe calorie high, it is also a viscous oil, which means that food absorbs only 20% of the oil.  When less oil is absorbed, the food still retains the flavour and gets the health benefits.

-The oil also prevents the storing of the sugars in the form of fats. Since the total caloric intake is less than other vegetable oils, it is your best choice if you are worried about your weight

4 . Prevents Allergic Reactions 

-Rice Bran Oil is hypoallergenic which other vegetable oils cannot claim.  For those suffering from food related allergies switching to Rice Bran Oil for cooking can be a big help.

-The Rice bran oil helps to calm the allergic reaction system in the body and prevents hyper sensitivity to other unusual allergens.

5 . Regulates Thyroid Function 

-The oil lowers thyroid stimulating hormone levels (TSH) in people with hypothyroidism. It directly influences the hypothalamus which is responsible for the stimulation of the thyroid gland

-If you are suffering from hypothyroidism (low levels of the thyroid hormone), then using Rice Bran Oil may be a great idea.

So, with several health benefits to its name, if you wish to switch your cooking oil, you can opt for Rice bran oil.  Eat Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg!

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