Heavy Weight Lifting Could Adversely Affect Women’s Fertility

Heavy Weight Lifting Could Adversely Affect Women's Fertility

Findings from a recent study suggested that heavy weight lifting on a regular basis could have an adverse effect on women’s fertility. 

-In the study, a team of researchers analysed more than 470 women having a fertility treatment. They compared the physical demands and schedules of their jobs and compared it with biomarkers (four) responsible for fecundity (inability to reproduce).

-As per the study, the heavier objects the women lifted, the lower their antral follicles and mature eggs were. Women who picked heavier things had 8.8% lesser total eggs and 14.1% lesser mature eggs compared to those who never picked heavy weights.

-The study also suggested that the reduction in the mature eggs was more commonly reported in obese or overweight women aged above 37 years of age.

-Findings were published in the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal.

Source: Occupational and Environmental Medicine Journal

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