1200 Kcal Diet Plan For Weight Loss

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BY SHRIYA AGARWAL (Diet Counselor)

People looking forward to losing weight often encounter problems in following their diet plans, especially when their diet is either too strict or inadequate. Following a balanced diet with all food groups is a healthy way to lose weight. An average person’s diet roughly consists of a minimum of 1800 calories. Reducing 500-600 calories from your daily diet would easily help you lose 1/2 a kg to 1 kg of weight in a week’s time. Following such a diet for a month would help you lose around 4Kg weight.

So, here are some healthy meal options for a 1200 calorie diet that will help you reduce weight without compromising your basic nutritional needs.


You can choose from the following delicious and healthy options:

1 .  Besan and Paneer Cheela (Quantity: 2)

Take 40 grams of bengal gram flour and mix with 10 grams of curd (made from cow’s milk) for a mixture for two. Add salt and spices as per your taste. Shallow fry each one with 1 teaspoon of oil (total oil used: 10 grams) Once the cheelas are ready, stuff each of them with 5 grams of paneer made from cow’s milk (Energy: 275 Kcal)

2 . Porridge (2 servings)

Roast 20 grams of broken wheat. Add 125 ml of milk made from cow’s milk. Add 1/2 a cup of water. Pressure cook until done. Add 2 teaspoons of sugarand garnish with 10 grams of almonds. (Energy: 260 Kcal)

3 . Chickpea and Sprout chat

 To 20 grams of boiled chickpeas add 10 grams of boiled green gram dhal sprouts and 20 grams of paneer made from cow’s milk. Mix well with one small chopped, one tomato and salt and spices to taste. Garnish with coriander leaves.(Energy: 175 Kcal)


 At around 11am, you can have a glass of Cow’s milk (125 ml) and 10 gm almonds ( Energy: 150Kcal) or 1 Apple (Energy: 90 Kcal) or 2 Guavas (Energy: 90 Kcal)


For lunch you can choose from:

1 . Bottle Gourd and Split Moong Dal Curry with 2 Chapatis 

Soak 20 grams of green gram dal in water for 15 minutes.cook the dhal in 2-3 cups of water with 20 grams of bottlegourd. For the chapatis use 40 grams whole wheat flour (Energy: 305 Kcal)

2 . Rajmah and 2 Chapatis

Soak 30 grams of rajmah in water for 7-8 hours. Prepare the gravy in  2 teaspoons of oil using spices and salt as per taste, two tomatoes, one medium sized onion and a few garlic cloves. Add rajmah to the gravy and cook until done. For the chapatis use 40 grams whole wheat flour (Energy: 355 kcal approx.)

3 . Arhar Karonda Dal and 2 Chapatis

Soak 20 grams arhar dal/pigeon peas in water for 15 minutes. Pressure cook the dal in 2-3 cups of water with 20 grams of fresh karonda. For the chapatis use 40 grams whole wheat flour (Energy: 320 Kcal)


You can have:

1 .  One Banana (Energy: 116 Kcal)

2 . Two Boiled Sweet Potatoes (100 grams) with black salt and black pepper (Energy: 120 Kcal)

3 . One  Banana and Blue Grapes (75grams) (Energy: 160 Kcal)


1 . Paneer Pea Curry and 2 Chapatis

Prepare the gravy for paneer pea curry in 2 teaspoon of oil using spices and salt as per taste, two tomatoes, one medium sized onion and a few garlic cloves. Add 20 grams of paneer made from cow’s milk in the form of small cubes. Add 10 grams of boiled green peas. For the chapattis use 40 grams whole wheat flour.(Energy: 300 Kcal)

2 . Soyabean, Paneer and Pea Pulao

Soak 20 grams of rice for 20 minutes. Cook in 1-1.5 cups of salty water with 10 grams of soyabean chunks. Add 20 grams of green peas when almost done. Add 20 grams of slightly roasted small paneer cubes to the rice. Crackle cumin seeds and spices add to the pulao. Mix well.(Energy: 190 Kcal)

3 . White Sauce Pasta

Boil 20 grams of pasta in salted water. Heat 125 ml of milk in a non-stick pan. Add a spoon of corn starch. Keep stirring till it thickens. Boil 75 grams of broccoli and sauté in 2 teaspoons of butter/olive oil. Add pasta and broccoli to the thickened mixture. Mix well. Thereafter, grate 20 grams of cheese on the dish and cook until it melts. (Energy: 340 Kcal)


Before hitting the bed, you can have:

1 .   Walnuts– four halves (Energy: 52 Kcal)

2 . Cow’s milk (125 ml) with almonds (5gm) (Energy: 120Kcal)

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By following the above mentioned diet you will consume around 1100-1200 Kcal in a day. So go ahead and start your week on a healthy note. Eat healthy. Stay Fit!


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