12 Diet Tips To Prevent Diabetes

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“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

-Bethenny Frankel

Right food can act as medicine. A good diet can help lower LDL (bad cholesterol), increase HDL (good cholesterol), lower blood pressure, reduce likelihood of using insulin therapy, provide better response to drugs and even increase life expectancy. Here are some healthy dietary tips.

Schedule your meal timings: set 6-7 meal timings in the day to avoid binge eating/feeling hungry at odd hours/eating at odd hours.

Eat small frequent meals: Eating small meals will prevent you from feeling extremely hungry at any time of the day. It will also ensure a gradual and slight increase in blood glucose level after each small meal.

Switch to a smaller plate: A completely occupied small plate will give a psychological feeling of having eaten enough and will help in eating in a controlled manner as compared to eating in a big plate.

Prepare foods that the entire family can share: To ensure that you do not feel left out, a tasty but light, low calorie, low fat meal/snack should be prepared that the entire family can eat.

Change oils: No oil is perfect.  However, some are better than others. Oils such as olive oil, walnut oil, rapeseed oil, avocado oil, rice bran oil, and safflower oil are preferable and should be used in rotation. All oils taken in equal quantity provide same amount of calories, hence must be eaten in moderation.

Watch out for invisible fat: Avoid full cream milk or preparations made out of full cream milk. Choose double toned milk over full cream. Before eating anything, just give a thought to what the food’s constituents are and you’ll soon understand yourself as to what you should not be eating.

Add fruits to your diet: Some fruits can be taken liberally while others can be eaten but only in restricted quantities. Take fiber rich fruits. Avoid fruits that are too sweet or take them in restricted quantities.

Have fiber: Choose cereals like oats, barley and bran as breakfast options. Eat multigrain preparations instead of refined ones. Add as many vegetables in your dishes as possible.

Prefer vegetarian foods: Vegetarian diet contains invisible fat in much lesser quantity as compared to non-vegetarian sources. A few almonds and walnuts can be a good protein rich snacking option that’ll also help in increasing HDL (good cholesterol). If taking non-veg, prefer poultry, without skin.

Restrict salt intake: Low salt diet will help in keeping the blood pressure controlled to quite an extent. It will always help you get rid of unnecessary water retention.

Choose right: Avoid juices, salad dressings and processed foods. Prefer grilled/steamed/boiled foods over fried foods.
Stay hydrated: Drink 2-3 liters of fluids throughout the day. You can have green tea, buttermilk, water, fresh lemon juice without sugar.

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