10 Steps To A Healthy New Year

10 Steps To A Healthy New Year

Every year resolutions are made to kick some bad habits or lose some extra weight. And every year by the time January ends we are back to where we started. Most of the times we are unable to fulfill our resolutions because either we make them unrealistic or we only focus on the big goal to achieve, rather than the steps which can take us there. For example, most of us make our new year resolution like “I will lose 10 kgs in this year” without thinking what the steps that we would need to take to reach there. Instead of that, our resolution should be something like “I will exercise for 30 mins every morning”.

Let’s look at the 10 steps that you can take towards a healthier year.

1. Drink enough water
This year take the resolution to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Most of us drink less than daily recommended water. Our sedentary lifestyles have led to less strenuous work which hardly makes us feel thirsty. Hence it is necessary to make a conscious effort towards drinking enough water.

2. Get up from your desk at least once every hour:

Sitting all day puts pressure on our back, leading to chronic lower back pain. Make sure that you stand up and take a short walk every hour. It could be a walk from your desk to the water cooler to get your glass of water.

3. Do 20 mins of exercise 5 times a week

Make sure your body gets at least 20 mins of intensive workout 5 times a week. Sitting all day in front of a laptop, our muscles are inactive most of the time. Without workout, they get weak and waste away. Doing regular workout will also increase the blood circulation and burn the excessive fat in your body.

4. Don’t eat away your stress:
Stress eating is the most common cause of binge eating. This new year take a resolution to cut back on stress eating. Rather than reaching for junk food, take a short walk or indulge in some light exercise whenever you feel stressed.

5. Cut down on coffee
Just because you get it for free at your office does not mean you need to drink it all the time. Coffee is inherently acidic in nature and should only be consumed in moderation. On excessive consumption, coffee can cause gastritis. Coffee contains caffeine which can have an addictive effect on your body. Once your body becomes dependant on caffeine, cutting back on your daily dose of coffee can present withdrawal like system.

6. Don’t skip your breakfast:
Eat your breakfast like a prince. Your breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping this meal means exposing your stomach to harmful digestive juices. After a full night’s sleep, your stomach is empty in the morning and requires food. When you skip your breakfast, your stomach is just filled digestive juices, minus the food. These digestive juices end up eroding the stomach lining which in the long run can manifest as gastric ulcers.

7. Cut down on alcohol:

Alcohol is the enemy of your health, even when consumed in small amounts. It not only affects your liver but can cause cancer of your mouth too. This year take a pledge to cut back on parties and alcohol. Have some alcohol free fun!

8. Quit smoking:

Give your lungs a breath of life and take a pledge to quit smoking this year. So this year, make a resolution to postpone your death.

9. Cut back on pain pills:
With easily available over the counter pain medication, we have developed the habit to pop a pill every time we experience some pain, be it a headache or stomach ache. These pills, when taken in excess, are harmful to your body.

10. Take 8 hours of sleep every night:

Do you know that a brain who has rested less than 8 hours a day is more prone to make mistakes than a well rested brain. Taking proper sleep will aid your decision-making abilities, boost up your immunity and delay the raging of your body. Let your body rest properly this year.

Make new year resolutions that are not the ones to be broken at the end of January but those you can realistically chase and make possible.

Have a Happy New Year!

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