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Stool For Hanging Drop


What is Stool For Hanging Drop?

The hanging drop test for stool is performed to visualize the motility or movement pattern of microorganisms in the stool sample and identify them from these patterns to help in the diagnosis of a disease caused by these microorganisms. The test principally helps in the diagnosis of Cholera.

Why is Stool For Hanging Drop done?

  1. The hanging drop test is performed when a bacterial infection of the digestive system is suspected and symptoms of such infection appear, including watery stool, inconsistent bowel movements, stomach pain, etc.
  2. To perform a presumptive diagnosis of cholera caused by the infection of Vibrio cholerae

Preparation for Stool For Hanging Drop

  • No special preparation required

Sample Type for Stool For Hanging Drop

The sample type collected for Stool For Hanging Drop is: Stool

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