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Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup

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Composition for Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup

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Primary uses of Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup

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Medicine Overview of Asthafen Syrup


Uses of Asthafen Syrup

Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup is used to prevent asthma.

Asthafen Syrup side effects


Increased sensitivity to light, Acne-like rash, Allergic reaction, Itching, Blurred vision, Headache, Tingling sensation in eye, Burning sensation in eye, Dry eye, Eye discharge, Eye pain, Eyelid disorder, Increased production of tears, Influenza like symptoms, Running nose, Sore throat.


How to use Asthafen Syrup

Take this medicine in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Measure it with a measuring cup and take it by mouth. Shake well before use. Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup is to be taken with food.

How Asthafen Syrup works

The Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup works by blocking the release of certain chemical messengers that may cause inflammation, spasm of muscles of the airways and other symptoms of asthma and allergies.

In Depth Information on Asthafen Syrup

Expert advice for Asthafen Syrup

  • Remove soft lenses from your eyes before instilling ketotifen eye drop and wait at least 15 minutes before reinserting lenses.
  • Keep a gap of at least 5 min before applying some other medicinal product.
  • Do not drive or operate heavy machineries as Ketotifen may cause blurred vision or drowsiness.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol while on ketotifen treatment as it may worsen the side effects.
  • Tell your doctor if you are taking medicines for depression or allergy.
  • Tell your doctor if you are or planning to become pregnant or are breastfeeding.
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Asthafen Syrup related warnings
Special precautions for Asthafen Syrup
Interaction with alcohol is unknown. Please consult your doctor.
Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup may be unsafe to use during pregnancy.
Animal studies have shown adverse effects on the foetus, however, there are limited human studies. The benefits from use in pregnant women may be acceptable despite the risk. Please consult your doctor.
Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup is probably safe to use during lactation. Limited human data suggests that the drug does not represent a significant risk to the baby.
Do not drive unless you are feeling well.
During the first few days of treatment with Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup the patient’s reactions may be impaired and he/she should, therefore, exercise care when driving a vehicle or operating machinery.
There is limited information available on the use of Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup in patients with kidney disease. Please consult your doctor.
There is limited information available on the use of Asthafen 1mg/5ml Syrup in patients with liver disease. Please consult your doctor.

Patient Concerns

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Frequently asked questions about Asthafen Syrup

Frequently asked questions about Ketotifen

Asthafen eye drops are available over the counter. Asthafen tablets and syrups are available only with doctor's prescription
Asthafen is legal and available worldwide in many countries
Asthafen is not a steroid
Q. Is ketotifen an antihistamine?
It is an antihistaminic drug
Asthafen is not addictive
Asthafen is safe if taken as prescribed. In case of any side effects, consult your doctor
Asthafen can cause weight gain, can make you sleepy and drowsy
Asthafen oral (tablet or syrup) takes about 2-4 hours to work and lasts up to 22 hours
Generally Asthafen eye drop takes 15 min to work and lasts up to 5-8 hours.
Severely interacts with other drugs like
Taking Asthafen with any of the following medicines can modify the effect of either of them and cause some undesirable side effects
Asthafen with Metformin
Medicines with composition Metformin: MF, Metica, Metcom, Vidmet, Glup, Recemin, Winixia, Bigomet, Zyromet, Glycomet, Metlead, Obimet, Metofix-XL, Ismet, Gluformin, Bigovas, Myformin, Metabest, Mesite, Mastero, Metadoze-Ipr, Metsurge, Metlong, Dibetin, Gluconorm, Metatime, Mefomin, Metfil, Metsar, Scodia, Metabay, G Reg, Formin, Forminal, Metfor, Zoform, Ozomet, Glumet, Medformin, Glyciphage, Riomet OD, Metsafe, Confirmin, K Met, Forson, Metbetic, Dibeta, Glucomate, Chromet, Eumet, Dibimet, Diform, Glybza, Met DM, Medfor, Diamet, Maxformin, Met, Endoformin, Hilmet, Bymet, Bdidth, M Forlin, Bimet, Bidiab, Redidrop, Weltill, Metmore, Fordia, Glyrep, Metswift, Ronymet, Emfor, Glycifit, Metsmall, Diacip, Metaphage, Bdid, Walaphage, MR Met, Melmet, Metfotime, Metfonij, Glysafe, Minimet, Hermtf, Metway, Matee, Metbay, Roftem, Utiglu, D Met, X Met, Etformin, Metasens, Asugar, D Bay, Evizen, Metanorm, Baymet, Metaday, Longmet, Metchek, Gala M, Biciphage, Ameto, Emline, Cetapin, Formet, Maxfor, Insumet, Glutamet, Duomet, Zetfor, Sugamet, Allmet, Gliz, Matce, Okamet, Fagomet, Metkap, Avimet, Midamet, Metafort, Gluformin I, Glureg, Elcephase, Metsig, Metnyle, Diafer, Almetfor, Chromet Plus, Metgem, Hmet Forte, Cumet, Monomet, Metfortal, Metpath, Metforise, Sugacon, Stalmin, Prime, Drmet, Glycitus, Tusmet, Glycimet, Euromet, Glycomin, Panpride, Metheal, Metvomin, Terformin, Ruxomet, Hmet, Glycirite, Figomet, Diabeta GB, Metmin, Ibformin, Daomet, Dior, Metagla, Metact, Metix, Metneed, Metzim, Suchek, Diagraf, Oriphage, Carbophage, Arkamet Ipr, Exermet
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