Zero Calorie Drinks: Are They Really Good For You?

Zero Calorie Drinks: Are They Really Good For You

Over the past couple of years, ‘Zero-Calorie’ drinks have become the new health craze.  In our country, these drinks are available as diet sodas/colas, processed fruit or energy drinks and fruit-flavored teas. All of these drinks use artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Sucralose and Saccharine instead of refined sugar. While they help in keeping a check on the overall calorie consumption, habitual consumption of these drinks carries the risk of various health implications like impaired metabolism, problems with bone and teeth and kidney problems. Hence, moderation is the key.

Here is what you should know about these drinks:

The GOOD About Zero Calorie Drinks

-While these drinks recreate the taste of the original ones quite closely, the sugar count is essentially zero which means that a spiked blood sugar level is an unlikely consequence of drinking diet cola.

-Consumption of sweet foods and  drinks causes mood swings. Having these drinks helps you keep your emotions stable.

-Since the sugar and calorie counts are zero or very less in these drinks,the chances of putting on extra kilos are lessened somewhat by substituting the regular soft-drink with its ‘diet’ version.

– The beverage industry is taking baby steps towards infusing these zero-sugar drinks with mineral salts so that they can boast of some nutritional value as well.

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The BAD About Zero Calorie Drinks

-Diet-sodas play havoc with your natural metabolism.

-The artificial sweeteners contained in these beverages are more potent than refined sugars hence, there is a certain degree of risk of developing metabolic syndrome which will eventually lead to obesity.

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-Artificial sweeteners have been shown to trigger headaches and migraine related problems in adults. So prepare for a ‘heady’ experience if you have switched allegiance to ‘Zero-sugar’ drinks.

-All diet-drinks have some amount of caffeine content and an excessive intake of these can affect the nervous systems and your kidneys adversely.

-Phosphoric acid, tartaric acid and citrus are types of acids that are found in high concentration in all ‘Zero-sugar’ products. These are very bad for the teeth and bones.

For those who are hooked to these drinks, one unit on alternate days of ‘Zero-sugar’ beverages should be the drink of choice. However, long-term users are liable to attract a whole host of health hazards, for sure. It would be best to slowly switch to milk, iced tea, home-made smoothies and fresh fruits to satisfy your sugar cravings.Stay Healthy, Stay Happy with 1mg, India’s leading online pharmacy!

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