Your Liver Could Be In Trouble!

Your liver could be in trouble!

Liver diseases are rising steadily. With unhealthy lifestyle and obesity on the rise, everyone is susceptible to them, irrespective of age, sex, religion or race. According to statistics, Liver diseases are the fifth most common cause of death. Yet, we don’t even realise the importance of liver health until it’s too late.
One of the most common diseases to afflict liver is the fatty liver disease. It is a condition in which fat builds up in your liver leading to complications. According to a WHO report, 28% of Indians have the fatty liver disease.
While the exact cause of the fatty liver disease is still debatable, the risk factors are firmly established.

1. Obesity:
Obesity has a strong association with fatty liver disease. The more obese you are, the higher is your risk of developing fatty liver.

2. Type 2 Diabetes:
People with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have fatty liver. Type 2 diabetes is frequently accompanied by obesity and insulin resistance which are a common contributing factor towards this disease.

3. High cholesterol:
Fatty liver is essentially caused by deposition of cholesterol in your liver. So it’s not surprising that a disturbed lipid profile causes your liver to accumulate fat.

4. Rapid weight loss:
Crash diets are a big no for a healthy liver. While obesity is a major cause of fatty liver, going on a crash diet to lose weight quickly is not the solution.

5. Hypertension:
If you are not obese but have hypertension, you can develop the fatty liver disease. Various studies have found a link between both the conditions in people who are not obese.

6. History of liver infection:
A history of hepatitis B or C makes your liver more susceptible to become fatty.

7. Genetics:
People with a family history of fatty liver are more prone to it.

What can you do?

Lose some weight: Go for a systemic weight loss programme consisting of healthy diet and regular exercises. Losing the extra kilos can remove the fat from your liver and reduce the risk of fatty liver.

Take a healthy diet: Take a nutrient-rich diet full of vitamins, fibres and proteins. Opt for whole grains and fresh produce in place of processed food. Include foods with a lower glycemic index like oatmeal, legumes and sweet potato. You can also include supplements containing essential nutrients to complete your diet.

Get vaccinated: Get yourself vaccinated against hepatitis if you haven’t already. Safeguard your liver against any future infection.

Get preventive health check-up done: Get yourself checked for diabetes and high cholesterol. When diagnosed early you can manage these systemic conditions more effectively. And this will help you prevent liver disease in long run.

The fatty liver disease is mostly asymptomatic, which means it won’t present any physical signs. But when left undiagnosed for long coupled with our unhealthy lifestyle, it can lead to severe liver diseases like cirrhosis. Hence, it is important to get your liver checked regularly. Any abnormality detected early can be managed easily with right preventive measures.

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