World Health Day: Top 5 Unhealthy Habits YOU Must Quit!

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April 7th is observed as World Health Day every year. The theme for 2019 is “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.”

To live healthily is a choice YOU have to make for yourself to lead a happy life. Sounds cliche right? Not exactly because you are responsible for…

How much water you drink.

What and how much to add in your plate.

How many steps to take in a day.

When to put off the lights in your bedroom.

How to kick the butt.

Why you should not wear stress on your sleeves.

Whether you have to exercise or not.

And so on….

These simple things that you do in your everyday life can have a HUGE impact on your overall health. And believe me, because even research studies have proved the significance of a healthy diet, no smoking, daily exercise, sleeping right and breaking up with stress on a healthy life. Luckily, most of us are aware of these so-called GOOD habits to stay fit and healthy. But what we need to be more aware of are the BAD habits that most of us are unknowingly making a habit of! Wondering if you really have a bad habit? Read to know.

Top 5 “Unhealthy” Tips YOU Must Unfollow

1. Skipping breakfast

It is already 9 in the morning and you are getting late for office. The best thing to make up for it is to skip breakfast. Moreover, there are a few people who cautiously skip their breakfast as a means of dieting to lose weight. Most of us do not think much when leaving our home on an empty stomach. But if this happens more often than not, then it’s high time you take a note of it. The reason being skipping breakfast can cause a drop in your blood glucose level, affect your mood and concentration due to lack of energy, makes you gorge on comfort food and increase the risk of acidity and gas.

Health Tips: If you are getting late for work, pack your tiffin and eat it on your way to the office in a bus, car or train or grab a quick breakfast at your office canteen to kickstart your day on an energetic note. Whatever is the case, ensure you have a nutrient-rich breakfast before you start your day.

2. Being a couch potato

When was the last time you hit the gym? How many steps did you walk yesterday? How long has it been that you got up from your chair? If you spend most of your time sitting in front of a laptop typing or watching videos on TV or mobile, then let’s ditch this routine that is not only making you lazy but also adding up to your risk of early morbidity and mortality.

Health Tips: Most of us spend hours sitting in the office and even after coming home we occupy ourselves either in TV serials, web series, news or sports. Break this monotony by either hitting the gym, joining a dance or swim class, taking your pet for a walk, talking to your friends or parents over a quick walk post meals, going for a short walk post lunch or taking the stairs instead of a lift. These simple things not only make you cut down on the hours you spend sitting but also ensure you remain active throughout the day.

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3. Reserving sunscreen ONLY for summers

How many of you thought that sunscreen should only be used during summers? At the bottom of our hearts, most of us know the truth. But this is not right because sunscreen is known to offer protection against the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Applying sunscreen even during winters can prevent skin damage caused due to these rays. Moreover, it also helps to fight skin tanning and improve the overall appearance and tone of the skin irrespective of the season.

Health Tip: For healthy skin, it is imperative to apply a not too thin nor too thick layer of sunscreen on the skin before you head out of your home. Here are more tips on how to choose the right sunscreen.

4. Leading an “Un-organized” life

If you lead an organized life, both in your personal and professional life, it can take you places. For example, planning your day well in advance at the office can not only help you to complete your task beforehand but also help you to manage other things at work. At the personal front, having a fixed schedule to eat, exercise, sleep and wake up on time can do wonders for your overall health.

Health Tips: Given our hectic schedules, we often tend to eat untimely, not get our daily dose of sleep, eat whatever we get out hands on (right from processed foods to sugary beverages), spend hours glued to our phones and so on. But it’s high time you plan your day and organize these everything things to make the most of your day. Set an alarm to sleep and not for waking up or use your phone to mark important notifications and not simply watching videos as these things can make your life more easy and happy.

5. Not asking for HELP!

Who said only losers ask for help? Fighting in the dark does not give you the strength to fight the problem. It is important to ask for professional help or share your problems with your closed ones to get out of a condition. Depression is a serious mental condition which requires the person to speak up in order to provide assistance. Remember that it takes courage to open up about your problems, ask for help and emerge as a winner.

Health Tips: The rule also applies to people who ignore common signs and symptoms which indicate an underlying problem. So get professional help even for common signs such as fever, pain in the back, frequent mouth ulcers, indigestion or leg cramps. Instead of searching online for health tips and tricks, consult a doctor to get the right treatment and get back on the track of health.

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(The article is reviewed by Dr. Lalit Kanodia, General Physician)

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