World Cancer Day 2016 : How to Reduce Cancer Risk

Image of cells stained in H & E stain that cause cancer risk

Each year close to 30 lakh Indians suffer from cancer. An estimated, 5 lakh people succumb to this deadly disease every year. The most common types of cancer in India are oral, breast, cervical and lung cancer

Theme for this year’s World Cancer day is ‘We Can. I Can’. Here are some simple and effective lifestyles changes that WE & YOU CAN make now to ward off the cancer risk,

1 . Stay Active

Adults who participate in any amount of physical activity gain some health benefits. Try and keep moving throughout the day. Sedentary lifestyle increases risk of cancer. As a general goal, include at least 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily routine.

2 . Eat Right

Most of your plate should be filled with plant foods: whole grains, seeds, green leafy vegetables, fruit and then one-third or less of the plate with animal based foods. Studies suggest that eating large amounts of processed meat can slightly increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

3 . Maintain a Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is the one of the most effective way to lower cancer risk. Obesity has been linked to many cancers including colorectal, breast, ovarian, liver, kidney, gall bladder, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

4 . Get Immunized

Most people do not link viruses with cancer, but viruses such as human papillomavirus (HPV) have been proven to cause cervical cancer and Hepatitis B has been linked with liver cancer. Getting vaccinated against both these viruses can protect against cervical cancer in women and liver cancers in both genders.

5 . Go For Regular Checkups and Screenings

Consult your doctor about the need for screening tests and how often you should get them done. Early detection and timely intervention is the only way to ensure optimal cancer treatment.


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6 . Limit Alcohol Intake

Studies suggest a definite link between drinking alcohol and certain types of cancer like head and neck,especially throat and the voice box, esophageal, liver, breast and colorectal. Drinking in moderation and limiting drinking to social and special occasions can help reduce cancer risk.

7 . Quit Smoking

Smoking has been linked to various types of cancers including cancer of the lung, mouth, throat, larynx, pancreas, bladder, cervix and kidney. Exposure to secondhand smoke might increase your risk of lung cancer. Deciding to quit is one of the most important health decisions you can make.If you need help quitting tobacco, ask your doctor about stop-smoking products and other strategies for quitting.

8. Stay Away from Paan Masala

What is portrayed to be a harmless mouth freshener is actually linked to cancer risk. The ingredients in paan and paan masala Areca nut (supari), and betel quid are known carcinogens. They can cause submucous fibrosis that can lead to oral cancer.

Eat right, stay active and quit unhealthy habits to enjoy life to its fullest!

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