What Is A Good Diet Plan For Diabetics To Lose Weight?


Losing weight is of utmost priority for people with type 2 diabetics. Being obese or overweight makes it more difficult to manage diabetes. Losing weight not only helps in improving energy levels, but also reduces the dose of oral medicines/insulin and reduces chances of developing complications. A good diet plan for weight loss in diabetics comprises of eating smaller and frequent meals i.e. eating 5-6 meals/day and avoid skipping meals or starving for longer duration.

Foods To Avoid

-Deep fried , oily food like sev, bhajias

-Whole milk products like sweets, ice creams, milkshakes, cakes etc

-Sugary products like jams, jellies, soft drinks and sweetened canned fruit juices

-Nuts and oil seeds like coconut, ground nut etc

-Ghee, butter and cheese

-Foods like pasta, pizza, bread, toast, noodles etc

-Mutton, red meat, prawns, lobster and shell fish

Foods To Limit In Quantity

-Vegetables: potato, sweet potato, yam

-Fruits: banana, chikoo, custard apple and grapes

-Rice should be taken as steamed rice and in limited quantity

-Oil:  5-10 ml per day

-Dry fruits and almonds : 4-5/day

-Chicken and fish (to be taken grilled form)

-Egg: only white of egg is allowed (maximum 3/day)

Foods To Have Generously

-Raw vegetables and salads like cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum and carrots

-Soups: spinach, tomato, mixed vegetable (without cream)

-Fruits: all except listed in limited quantity

-Breads: whole wheat bread or brown bread or multigrain bread

-Water:  around 3 liters/ day

-Butter milk, curd and cottage cheese

-Salads and curds should be taken with each major meal i.e. lunch and dinner and it should be taken around 15-20 minutes before meals

Apart from diet exercise is mandatory. Without exercise only diet will help losing weight slowly but if coupled with exercise for 45 minutes  per day, the weight loss will be relatively speedy.

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