Useful Tips For A Healthy Karwa Chauth

Aisha will be observing her second Karwa Chauth fast this year, but what is worrying her the most is battling the hunger pangs and acidity, which she faced last year. This is one common concern among many women as the day-long fast can often bring health problems like nausea, low blood pressure, acidity etc.

So in order to avoid such health complications, have a look at some useful tips to make your Karwa Chauth healthy and joyful.

What to eat before Karwa Chauth fast?

Have a healthy and a complete meal a day before Karwa Chauth. Next important thing to do- is to have a healthy Sargi. This will help not only in maintaining your body balance till you break your fast but also prevent any uneasiness after breaking the fast. Sargi is basically a collection of delightful foods such as fresh fruits, nuts (almond, raisins, cashew) and whole wheat food. Eat foods rich in protein such as paneer and tofu to keep you full for a longer period. Also, drink plentiful water to keep yourself hydrated for the rest of the day.

What to avoid before Karwa Chauth fast?

Well! It is kind of hard to resist any sweet savories but try to avoid any food which is overly sweet before your Karwa Chauth fast. It will ignite your hunger and cravings in the later part of the day. Also, avoid all sorts of oily food like paratha as it will make you double-triple thirsty.

What to eat after Karwa Chauth fast?

Now that the day is over and the moon is finally out, you have to open your fast by indulging into only healthy food. Look out for the below tips:

1. Fuel up with water: Drink plenty of water to replace the lost water content of the body. You can also consume natural fruit juices and coconut water for instant energy.

2. Make friends with fruits: Fruits are the key players in your Karwa Chauth fast. A bowl of freshly cut melons, apples and berries will provide essential nutrients to your body.

3. Have foods rich in proteins: Consuming protein-rich food just after your fast will give you back the energy you have lost during the day. You can include sprouts, nuts, dal and paneer as a source of protein in your fast breaking diet. You can also have yogurt; rich in protein and extremely soothing to the stomach.

4. Get veggies to your plate: Have veggies that are light and easy to digest such as ladyfinger, bottle guard, potatoes etc.

What to avoid after Karwa Chauth fast?

You have been on an empty stomach throughout the day and it is important that what you eat after the Karwa Chauth fast does not irritate your digestive tract any further causing heartburn or acidity.

1. Ditch your favorite cup of coffee: Do not drink coffee or tea as the acid levels in the stomach will spike up immediately causing heaviness and heartburn. You can have a glass of lukewarm lemon water to bring back the original pH of your stomach.

2. Avoid the yummy factor: After a day-long fast with no water and food, you will love to treat yourself with all those oily, fried and spicy foods. But if you don’t want to face extreme acidity, avoid oily and spicy curries. Not only they have high-calorie content, they do not contain any nutrients that will help your body recover from a day’s fast.

Some more tips for a healthy you

1. Keep yourself busy with friends and family to keep your attention diverted from
2. Do not overexert your mind and your body with any sort of physical and mental stress.
3. Think more about getting ready and looking beautiful that evening.
4. If you are diabetic, consult your doctor regarding insulin dose due to the higher risk of hypoglycemia.
5. If you are pregnant then keep fast only with your doctor’s consent.
6. A slight feeling of dizziness, nausea, acidity is normal. But if you feel that you are really getting sick and unable to continue your fast; please do not be stringent and eat something. After all, health comes first.

So, now that you know all the tips and tricks for a healthy Karva Chauth, do not waste time. Go and get your pretty clothes and jewelry ready. And yes do not forget to click loads of selfies.

Happy fasting!

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