Troubled By Body Odour? Here Are Practical Ways To Get Rid Of It!

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Summers bring along with it not only icy drinks and juicy fruits but unfortunately a lot of sweat as well. Sweating is good so far it’s not producing a pungent odor. A problem arises when it starts to smell strong. The substances secreted by apocrine gland allows the propagation of bacteria and therefore they grow more in areas such as under arms and in the groin area and produces bad odor.

Instead of worrying, you can try these practical ways to fight and prevent body odor right away:

How to get rid of body odor?


To Fight Body Odor, Try These Home Remedies For body odour

1 . Bathe With Aromatic Herbs

Volumes of studies around Ayurveda and aromatherapy support the use of herbs that can eliminate body odor. You may choose to use sage, rosemary herb, and wheatgrass. Sage helps to reduce the activity of sweat glands and prevents the bacteria from thriving on the skin. It’s natural scent also serves as a deodorant and therefore helps to keep away bad odor. Rosemary herb also has antibacterial and antifungal properties and provides an aromatic fragrance to the body.

2 . Try A Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and helps to kill the bacteria and fungi from the skin surface. You can rinse your body or selected areas such as armpits, feet, behind the knees with vinegar. Wipe it dry. It shall significantly help to eliminate offensive smells.

3 . Pat Dry The Skin

Every time you come out after a bath, make sure you pat dry yourself properly before wearing your clothes. Moisture plays the most important role in increasing the bacterial load. Therefore, make sure areas of the body such as underarms, legs, genital areas are dry each time.

4 . Detox The Body 

As per studies, body odor could be indicative of a health problem. Therefore, detoxifying your body could be a very good option. You may choose to include detoxifying foods to your diet in the form of drinks and salads. These shall help to flush off the toxic impurities and odor-causing organisms.

How to remove body odor permanently naturally

To Prevent Body Odor, Try The following lifestyle changes

1 . Maintain Adequate Hygiene

Shave your armpits regularly. The hair present in the underarms entrap the bacteria and increases sweat. The more the bacteria, the stronger the smell. Always take a bath after you come home from the gym. Make sure you wash the clothes properly and regularly.

2 . Add Greens to Your Diet

Veggies such as spinach, kale, and celery are not just good for your health but also have a deodorizing effect. As has been stated in studies, chlorophyll present in the green vegetables helps in reducing the body odor.

3 . Pick An Antiperspirant

Make sure you carry an antiperspirant with you. Before you hit the bed, apply it. It has been found that using one in the morning may not be that beneficial compared to if used before going to bed. At night the antiperspirant will get enough time to act and also help to reduce sweating. Remember deodorants are not same as antiperspirants. While antiperspirants control the excess of sweating, the former only masks the body odor.

4 . While Choosing fabrics, Prefer Cotton Over Others

Natural fibers such as cotton and silk allow efficient flow of air on the skin. These fabrics do not trap sweat, instead, keeps the skin dry and do not allow the odor causing bacteria to thrive. This significantly reduces the chances of foul smell.

These easy tips will help you remove body odor.

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