Tired Of Never-Ending Medical Bills?

Tired Of Never-Ending Medical Bills?

Caring for your health can prove a costly affair. A sedentary lifestyle, stress, pollution, processed foods; several reasons make us end up popping pills and visiting doctors. While staying healthy is the best way to keep your medical expenditure in check, ensuring yourself against these costs is essential as well. And that’s where an outpatient health insurance plan can come in handy.

When you think of health insurance, you may think of major illnesses, hospitalization, and unaffordable bills. But Apollo Munich has come up with a health insurance plan called Day2Day Care that ensures you against day-to-day medical expenses.
It’s the frequent expenses on doctor visits, tests, and medicines that add up to a large amount over a period of time.

Unlimited Doctor Consultations

Do you avoid visiting the doctor because of the high consultation fees? With Day2Day Care, you won’t need to think twice before consulting a doc.
This plan covers you against unlimited general and specialist doctor consultations at network centers.

Pharmacy And Diagnostics

When you visit a doctor, the expenses don’t end at the consultation fee. You would have to take medicines and probably undergo medical tests. Day2Day Care provides a cover for pharmacy, diagnostic tests, vaccinations and physiotherapy up to varying limits, depending on whether you have chosen an Individual plan or a Family Floater plan.

No Change In Premium For The Old Or Sick

Typical mediclaim policies tend to increase the premium for older policyholders or those with certain health conditions. A major benefit of this plan is that it offers the same benefits, at the same premium, to all policyholders, irrespective of their age and health status. So no matter what disease ails you, this plan has got you covered for how many doctor consultations, tests, and medicines it takes to get you healthy.

While health insurance plans generally have waiting periods, Day2Day Care covers you from Day 1 of your policy period, for claims arising from all illnesses. The plan is available in two variants; Silver and Gold. The Gold variant offers added coverage for one annual preventive health check-up in the Individual plan and two check-ups per Family Floater policy. Such check-ups can alert you about aspects of your health that need attention and can help save major expenditure on health, in the long run.

It’s great to be conscious of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s even better to think ahead and secure yourself against medical expenses. Plans such as Apollo Munich’s Day2Day Care can keep you hale, hearty and worry-free!

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