Cholesterol Lowering Supplements As An Alternative To Statins Pose Safety Issues!

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Supplements considered as an alternative to statins found to pose safety issues, study reveals

-The review was conducted by Italian researchers and was based on data accumulated in 13 years of patient follow-up. It took into account patients who could not tolerate statins and instead took red yeast rice supplements.

-Dietary supplements made from red yeast rice contained substances such as monacolins (similar to the active ingredients in the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs).

-Though there aren’t any published studies reporting the comparison of the efficacy of red yeast rice and statins, however, evidences suggest that red yeast rice products are considered unhealthy for use.

-Some of the common adverse reactions from the red yeast rice products include muscle pain, gastrointestinal problems and liver injury.

-The experts suggested that it is best to take such supplements only when prescribed by the doctor.

-Findings were published in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

Source: British Journal of Pharmacology

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