Smelling Food Could Make You Fatter!

Smelling Food Could Make You Fatter!

Smelling food could make you fatter, suggests a study!

-In a research conducted at the University of California Berkley, it was found that smelling food before eating it could cause weight gain.

-The study indicated that if you eat the same food after smelling it and after not smelling it, you’ll get fatter after smelling it.

-Scientists are of the view that this could indicate that there may be a link between a sense of smell and metabolism.

-The researchers tested three groups of mice. One had normal smell ability. The second had its sense of smell disabled temporarily, and the third was a group of “super smellers”. All groups were fed the same high-fat diet.

-The study showed that mice fed the same high-fat diet showed big differences in weight gain depending on whether or not their sense of smell had been temporarily switched off.

-Researchers are of the view that smells may help tell the body what to do with calories. If you can’t smell the food, your body may burn it rather than storing it as fat.

-If the link between the smell and metabolism is established in humans, it might be possible to make a drug that doesn’t interfere with the smell, but still, blocks that metabolism link. Such a drug would help weight loss by revving up a body’s fat-burning systems.

Source: Cell Metabolism Journal

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