Six Reasons For You To Cycle Regularly!

Six Reasons For You To Cycle Regularly!

Years from today, cycling was amongst the only mode of transportation which gradually was taken over by automobiles, carriages and other forms of transport. In the present era, where we all are enveloped by several challenges and constraints, cycling still comes out as a rescue for many. Ever wondered why cycling still is amongst the most preferred forms of workout and recreation?


Some of common health benefits of cycling are

1 . Perfect Aerobic Workout

-Cycling serves as the perfect workout for your heart, brain and blood vessels. It triggers the release of endorphins (the feel good hormone of the body) and makes you feel active and young.

-Time efficient, cycling consumes less time and acts as a good muscle workout. All the muscles of the body are actively involved.

2 . Muscle Buildup

-Often mistaken to be useful only for the calf muscles and thighs, pedaling (a form of resistance activity) involves equal participation of all the muscles and helps add flexibility and stamina to the muscles.

-Studies suggest that a remarkable improvement in the bone and muscle health of children was observed amongst those who cycled regularly.

3 . Exercise For All

-Age plays no bar when it comes to cycling as a workout. Be it a child or an elder person in the family, cycling has its benefits for all.

-However, it is important for elderly person to cycle in moderation. Especially if you have a heart disease, arthritis or thinning bones, make sure you consult a doctor before the cycle ride.

4 . Increased Energy Levels 

-As it requires your leg and arm muscles to work strenuously and in sync, regular cycling helps in building stamina and gradually boosts your endurance capacity.

-It also increases your energy levels and eventually helps you stay enthusiastic and perfom better through out the day.

5 . Keeps Disease At Bay

-Obesity is amongst the common causes for most of the lifestyle disorders. Cycling has been found to effective in shedding those extra kilos.

-Cycling has been found to benefit people suffering from and people prone to diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, arthritis, depression and anxiety.

6 . Makes You Look Younger 

-Studies suggest that regular exercise (in any form) increases your blood circulation and effectively delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

-It also helps in flushing out the harmful toxic, optimizes collagen production and delays the process of ageing.

So, go ahead and reap the amazing benefits of cycling by make it a part of your workout regimen. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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