Simple Ways To Ensure Health And Safety Of Your Elderly

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The reality of life is that we all age, and just as we were taken care of once by our parents, at some point in our lives we will have to take care of our parents. As our parents age, they need an environment that is healthy, safe, filled with joy and compassion.It is very important to address the needs of our senior family members and make surroundings feasible and safe for them.

So,here are some essentials for taking care of your elderly family members:

1 . Make Their Surroundings Safe

One of the biggest cause for fractures in old age(which take very long to heal) is slipping in bathrooms.

-Purchase anti-slip footwear and slippers and anti-slip rubber mats for the washrooms.

-Install hand rails  by the commodes and in the shower stall, so that they may use it for balance and support.

-In their bedrooms, reduce the height of their bed as per their convenience. Move them to ground floor to avoid taking stairs.

-Ensure that a night light is installed in their bedrooms, corridors and bathrooms.

2 . Make Dietary Changes

-Switch to healthier oils, lighter meals and reduce spicy and oily food.

– Encourage them to have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

-Make sure they stay well hydrated.

-Limit their alcohol intake.

3 . Know Their Medications

Understand their medicines and keep important medicines at hand always – heart problems are extremely common with the elderly.

-Tablets like Sorbitrate are life savers at home when someone is going through a heart incident.

-Also get a list of emergency medicines from the doctor, which could be kept in a first aid kit for the elderly, so that you will always be prepared.

4 . Stay Well Equipped

-For ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure purchase monitors and testers so that you can keep an eye on levels and plan remedies accordingly.

-You can set a regime of tests every Sunday morning, so that nothing is left to chance.

5 . Join Them For An Activity

-Encourage them to go for regular walks or jogs.

-Try simple stretching and breathing exercises with them.

-Motivate them to stay mobile and active.

– Join a yoga club with them or go for meditation classes with them over weekends.

6 . Give Them Simple, Engaging Tasks

Our elders are more or less like kids. They need to stay engaged.At their age, our elders enjoy accomplishing small achievable goals. It gives them a sense of achievement and keeps them off negative thoughts.

-Encourage them to water the plants and prune them.

-Ask them if they want to be in-charge of grocery  shopping.

-If they like pets, give them the fun task of taking the pet for a walk and feeding it.

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For our elderly who are  bedridden or need specialized attention, we shall come up with a separate article covering their needs and requirements.

So, go ahead and give them the love and safety with which they have brought you up. After all, what goes around, comes around. Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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