Are You A Runner? Here Are 7 Tips For Healthy Running

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A regular run is a proven method to maintain good health and a positive state of mind. Though running seems like the most natural form of exercise, the key to effective running is to do it right. Excessive pushing, inadequate diet, inappropriate gear and running when injured are common malpractices that can lead to running routines ending before they truly begin.

Here are 7 tips to healthy running that will ensure long-term benefits:

1 . Add Proteins To Your Daily Diet 

As we all know, proteins are critical for a healthy body, however, the adequate protein intake may vary according to an individual. To become a runner, it is important for you to add lean proteins such as chicken and fish to your diet. Vegetarians can load up on beans, soy, lentils, spinach and guava for their daily protein requirements.

2 . Practice Stretching 

Whether you run every morning or 3 times a week, regular stretching will make you more flexible and also increase your strength. Running tends to constrict and shorten muscles and therefore it becomes all the more important to stretch. Stretch before your run to prevent muscle straining.

3 . Strengthen Your Core

To become a good runner, irrespective of the fact that how much you run, it is important to have a strong core. By strengthening these vital muscles you will be able to support your entire frame and structure and it will improve your posture. So, make sure you practice weight training as well.

4 . Listen To Your Body

Running serves as a complete workout for the body. It is one of the intense physical activities and hence, it’s important to tune into the bodily signals when indulging in this exercise. Your body will tell you when to slow down, take a break or boost your running to the next level. Make sure you do not over exert. Instead, practice it at a constant and gradual pace.

5 . Choose The Right Gear For Yourself 

Good quality running gear not only motivates you but it also provides protection. With so many varieties available in the market to choose from, make sure you pick the most comfortable pair for yourself. Shoes should be made up of flexible fabric that breathes easy, keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot and humid conditions. Avoid tight clothing that could restrict your breathing.

6 . Do Not Compete 

Everyone have their own running pace. When you are training, try not to attempt too many races. A few are recommended for motivation but too many will just drain you and end up in injury. Also if you prefer a running partner, find someone who is at the same level or a little better than you.

7 . Stay Hydrated

It’s very important to maintain adequate liquid levels before you run. Make sure you drink alot of water. Running results in sweating and loss of moisture, therefore, not replacing this loss can cause severe exhaustion, headaches and nausea.

So, remember to not only run, but ‘run healthy’. Follow the above tips for a completely new and rewarding running experience.

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