Preterm Birth May Increase The Risk Of Heart Diseases

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Premature babies maturing as adults may be at an increased risk of high blood pressure and other heart diseases.

-As per the research, conducted by the University of Montreal, cells taken from adults born as preterm babies were associated with relatively delayed colony formation (cells that form small blood vessels in the heart).

-Delayed colony formation was found to be associated with increased risk of heart diseases.

-In the study, the Endothelial colony forming cells (responsible for formation of small blood vessels in the heart) were taken from two set of adults, one aged between 21-28 years born as premature babies (less than 29 weeks of gestation) and other included adults born at term (37 weeks or more gestation) normally.

-As per laboratory studies, cells of the preterm adults showcased delayed colony formation, thereby increasing risk of heart diseases. 

Source: American Heart Association

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