Painful Piles? Try These Natural Remedies To Manage Them Better!

Painful Piles? Try These Natural Remedies To Manage Them Better!

Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, can cause pain, discomfort and bleeding, if left ignored. Whatever is the cause of the condition, it can very well be dealt with by making a few simple lifestyle changes. It is one of the few diseases that can be avoided by maintaining a healthy diet and routine. Although it is a curable condition, recurrent episodes can land you in trouble as it can affect the quality of life.

Natural Remedies To Manage Piles

While there are medications for piles, you can also try a few simple home remedies to get rid of piles naturally. Here are some home remedies that have been found to be very effective in managing piles:

1. Lemon Juice

How it helps: Lemons are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help in flushing toxins from the body. It also helps in relieving pain, burning sensation and discomfort caused due to piles.

How to take it: Cut a small lime into two and sprinkle a pinch of powdered black salt to it. Tuck it into your mouth and slowly swallow the juice. This helps in good bowel movement and cause shrinkage of piles mass along with helping you to deal with bleeding piles[1].

2. Aloe Vera

How it helps: It is a known fact that aloe vera is loaded with glycoproteins and polysaccharides. These compounds are found to be very effective in reducing pain and swelling, thus acting as a natural remedy for piles.

How to take it: Take aloe vera leaf and wash it under water to remove dust and dirt. Clean it and cut the leaf into a half. Add a pinch of turmeric powder to it and warm it slightly in a pan. Apply it on the sore area before going to bed. You can also use frozen leaves of aloe vera to reduce pain and itching.


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3. Tea

How it helps: The next on the list is tea. It contains tannin which acts as a natural astringent and plays a key role in reducing the pain and swelling due to piles.

How to take it: To use tea for piles, all you have to do is apply warm and wet tea bags on the affected area. The warmth will help in soothing the sore area.

4. Mustard Seeds

How it helps: Mustard seeds also act as an effective natural remedy to treat both internal and external piles. The seeds contain mucilage, a slimy substance that helps in passing stools smoothly and ease pressure when passing stools.

How to take it: Add a teaspoon of powdered mustard seeds to half a cup of buttermilk and sugar (as per taste), mix well. Drink this glass of homemade mustard milk early on an empty stomach to get rid of piles fast[2].

4. Sesame Seeds

How it helps: Sesame seeds are also used as home remedies for piles as it not only improves digestion but also helps soften stool and cleanse the colon. This helps in easing the pressure on the anal muscles, helping you to pass stools without pain and discomfort.

How to take it: Add a handful of sesame seeds(til in Hindi) to half a liter of water. Boil it till the volume reduces to one-third of the initial volume. Let it cool and make a thin paste. Add a teaspoon of butter to this mixture and eat once a day to get rid of piles at home.

5. Banana

How it helps: Banana works like a miracle natural remedy for piles. Being a rich source of fiber, it acts as a laxative agent which helps to regulate the bowel movements. It also reduces the pressure exerted when passing stools, thereby helping to get rid of pain and discomfort due to piles.

How to use it: Boil a banana with one cup of milk. Mash it well and take this twice in a day.

6. Try Warm and Cold Compress

How it helps: The role of hot and cold compress to ease the pain is well known and the same principle works for piles. Alternating between warm and cold compress can provide relief to the sore muscles and reduce swelling.

How to use it: Use a cold compress for 5 to 10 minutes, followed by a warm compress for an equal amount of time.

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Diet Tips To Manage Piles

In addition to trying these home remedies for piles, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to diet. These are foods you must avoid to when suffering from piles to prevent it from getting worse. The common ones are:

1. Deep-fried and processed food items

Say no to processed and deep fried foods such as fast foods, chips, medu wadas puris, etc are these are not only difficult to digest but are low in nutrients. Also, the high amount of oil and salt, contribute to poor digestion, increasing the risk of constipation and further worsening the condition.

2. Spicy food

Who doesn’t love eating spicy food? But if you are suffering from piles, then it is wise to avoid spicy food. This is because, spicy food can lead to hardening of the stools, which will further lead to painful bowel movements. Hence, that plate of your favorite schezwan fried rice or pepperoni pizza can be troublesome if your piles are already sore or bleeding.

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3. Alcohol

The next one on the list is alcohol. Please cut out on your alcohol intake as in the long run it can worsen your condition. Alcohol not only disrupts the digestive balance by depleting few nutrients but also have a dehydrating effect on the gut.

4. Refined grains

Are cookies tempting? Do you prefer white rice over brown? If yes, then you must cut down on the intake of foods made from refined grains. This is because, refined products like white rice, white bread, and bagels, cookies or cakes, which are commonly available at stores are not only low in fiber but also have minimal bran component. These foods can further worsen the health and do little good to improve the overall health. Hence, always prefer whole grain over the refined forms, especially when you have piles.

5. High salted foods

Love munching your best-loved tortilla chips packet, salted peanuts? Can’t resist the delicious pasta mixes, hams, sausages, and canned foods? Well, think twice before you pick a packet of these salt-laden foods. It is not a good idea to eat foods with high salt content as it can cause water retention and ultimately affect the bowel movement.

6. Iron supplements and other medicines

Yes, even your medications can lead to constipation and worsen the condition. Iron supplements are good for the health but not when you are suffering from piles. The reason being iron is a known constipating supplement and intake of it can add to your woes. Also, medicines for cold and cough also lead to an unwanted effect, increasing the risk of constipation. Hence, it is advised to consult your doctor and let him decide the best regimen to address all your health concerns. Never alter the dose or stop the medication abruptly.

7. Excessive fiber

Fiber is good for people with piles but not when taken in excess. Do not take fiber supplements even if there are loads or article on how fiber can help you to get rid of constipation or if your friends tell you the same. Fibers have bulk-forming action on stools, rather than sweeping action. So, they are useful to treat other types of constipation but not piles. Remember that regular and optimal fiber intake is the key for a healthy gut. Instead, increase the intake of fiber through diet by including fruits and vegetables and opting brown rice over white rice and adding oatmeal, wheat bran, and pulses to your diet.

Bear in mind that is no sure shot and quick way to get rid of piles at home. However, you can manage the condition and prevent it with the help of a few natural remedies and healthy lifestyle. Ensure that you eat a diet rich in nutrients, maintain good eating habits, exercise regularly and follow a healthy lifestyle to lower the risk of piles and its associated health complications.

(The article is reviewed by Dr. Lalit Kanodia, General Physician and Dr. Deepak Soni, Ayurvedacharya)

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