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Losing Your Focus? Try These 7 Effective Ways To Strengthen Your Brain


The human brain is as fascinating as it is delicate. Neuroscientists believe that the brain starts to lose some of its abilities by the age of 27.So if you are in your late 20’s or 30’s, there is enough evidence that your cognitive skills, capacity to remember unrelated information and ability to make quick comparisons are slowing down with time. So here are some simple yet exciting activities that can help retain your mental abilities for a long time and keep your brain forever young.

1 . Start Meditating

Meditation is a very powerful tool which helps to unleash the true potential of your brain. It is believed that medication can provide our brain more rest than sleep actually provides. Meditation slows your brain waves to such an extent that you can actually access your more creative, right brain. Start with 10 minutes of meditation every morning to rest your brain before the madness of each day begins.

2 . Shake A Leg

Dance is one activity that requires complex mental co-ordination. Music stimulates the brain reward centers while dance activates the brain’s sensory and motor circuits. Dance helps to reduce stress, stimulate the feel-good hormone serotonin, develops new neural connections and increases long-term memory. 15 minutes of dance every second day, releases endorphins and is a form or cardio that helps to keep your brain fit.

3 . Keep Reading

Reading is a good exercise as it increases your memory retention and slows down brain degeneration. This exercise can be started at any time of your life and its benefits are huge. More so because it helps you to completely unplug from a constant stream of visual information. If you are a voracious reader, chances are that your cognitive skills are much higher than an ordinary individual.

4 . Have Brain Foods

There are certain foods that are very useful to maintain brain health. For the right functioning of the brain and prevention of any kind of inflammation, the brain needs omega -3 fatty acids. You will find it in salmon, walnuts, flax seeds and almonds. Turmeric is also a super brain food which helps to clean up waste build up which causes inflammation and degeneration of brain cells.

5 . Practice Yoga

The science of yoga is a gift to humankind and the onus is on us to use it effectively to live life at its maximum potential. Even a short session of yoga can help your brain relax and de-stress. Yoga can help to cure bipolar disorders. Yoga sessions can increase information retention abilities to a great extent and enhance your power to focus on something for a long time.

6 . Play A Musical Instrument

 Various studies show that playing or listening to a musical instrument may help to increase your memory. During the process of learning a musical instrument, the brain has to exercise a lot thereby it undergoes a change in shape and power too. Listening to music can cause many areas of brain to react but when you play the musical instrument yourself, you actually lift that burst of brain activity to a whole new level.

 7 . Try Puzzles And Games

Puzzles like Sudoku, crossword and games like chess, checkers and back gammon decrease the chances of degenerative conditions like Alzheimer.  The mental processing that is required to solve a puzzle or play chess is like aerobics for the brain, it keeps the neurons active, and ensures that when brain cells die, the information is passed on smoothly to the new brain cells, In fact Alzheimer is nothing but information being lost to the cells being unable to pass on information to the newer brain cells. So go ahead pore over the daily Sudoku, and keep your brain fit.

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The human brain is an extraordinary organ due to its innate ability to control each and every action in the body. As with any muscle, the brain should be used or will be lost. Take special care to maintain the brain plasticity also called neuroplasticity .Using the above tips may a go a long way in increasing your brain power. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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