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What is a Prescription (Dawa ka Parcha)?

A Prescription is a written document from a Registered Medical Practitioner or other licensed practitioner, such as Dentist, with instructions to the pharmacist for dispensing a specific type and quantity of medication to a patient. A prescription is an important document for establishing a diagnosis, starting the treatment, tracking the recovery and determining future treatment path of the patient. Therefore, it is very important that you understand what all a valid prescription should have.

What makes a Prescription Valid?

As per Indian Medical Laws a valid prescription should have the following information :

1 . Name, qualification, address and registration number of the doctor

2 . Name, age and gender of the patient

3 . Date of consultation

4 . Name of the Medication prescribed

5 . Directions for use including dosage, frequency and duration

6 . Doctor’s signature and stamp.

7 . Refill information

In case the patient needs to take the medicine for a long period of time, it should be mentioned that a refill can be issued using the same prescription for up to a specified duration.

Incase you have a prescription which has expired write to us at [email protected] and our team will help you get a new prescription.

What to ask when at Doctor’s?

– Ask for Generic Name

Check with your doctor if he can prescribe you the generic form of the drug instead of the brand name. There is a lot of price variation across various brands, so make sure you get your medicines at an affordable price.

– Ask for Legible Prescription

Make sure that your doctor has written the drug name clearly. You may ask him to write down the drug names in capital letters so that it becomes easy for the pharmacist to dispense the medicine and avoid confusing it for some other drug.

– Confirm Precautions to be taken

Ask your doctor if any other medicines, drinks, or foods are to be avoided while you’re taking the prescribed drugs.

 Ask for Written Refill Information

Ensure that your doctor mentions the refill information on the prescription. This is needed in case you are taking the medication for a chronic illness like diabetes or high blood pressure.

 Share Allergies/Past Allergic Reactions

If you have had severe allergic reactions to certain medications, let your doctor know beforehand. Contact your doctor immediately  if you develop an allergic reaction to the medication that your doctor prescribes you.

 Disclose any other Ongoing Medications/supplements

Let your doctor know in case you are taking medications for other conditions or if you are on any ayurvedic drugs or supplements.

Get more Info

Ask your doctor what to do if you miss a dose or if you take excess of the prescribed dose.

How to Decode Your Prescription?

You may have come across some abbreviations written after a medicine name on prescriptions. They usually specify frequency of use. The commonly used ones are :

– OD: Once daily

 – BD:  Twice a day

 – TDS Three times a day

 – QID: Four times a day

 – SOS:  If required/as required

 – STAT: Single dose

So next time a doctor writes you a prescription do not just wait for his instructions but go a step further and ask him questions about your medications and other aspects of your treatment. Remember that it is your right as a patient to have an understanding of your medication and what it does to your body. 

If you need to order medicines, buy them online from the convenience of your home.

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