It’s Not Just The Blues: 9 Early Signs Of Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore


Depression is a mental illness which starts with subtle signs like difficulty in focusing, poor recalling abilities, feeling low quite often and changes in appetite. Most of the people tend to ignore these signs, till it manifests as a clinical illness and can have serious and life changing health implications.

Here are the most common and early signs of depression. If you or anyone in your family is experiencing these signs, you may need to consult a psychiatrist.

1 . Getting Irritated Very Often

Many people think that depression leads to just sadness. But some people with depression can get angry often, feel irritated over trivial issues and argue over small things. While these signs could be due to stress as well, but if you notice an increased irritability in your behavior, do not ignore it. Take a moment to consider the possibility that you may be depressed.

2 . Loss Of Interest

A common sign of depression is that you have a lack of interest in otherwise pleasurable activities like like your favorite hobbies, meeting friends and in sex. People tend to avoid social gatherings, become more withdrawn and lose the inclinations towards achieving simple everyday goals.

3 . Changes In Appetite

One of the classical signs of depression is a dramatic change in appetite. This can reflect as eating too much or too little.  If you have a weight gain or loss of more than 5 % of your body weight in one month, it could be a warning sin of depression. Some people take up eating as a way to compensate for how they feel while others experience a loss of interest in food.

4 . Being Too Pessimistic 

If you find yourself criticizing and cribbing about almost everything all the time and if you tend to hold a negative or demotivating opinion on everything, it could be a sign of depression.

5 .  Sleep Disturbances

Most of the people with depression first consult their doctor because of sleeping disturbances they’ve experienced. While as having troubled sleep for a couple of nights is a normal phenomenon, persistent sleep difficulties or insomnia can be a symptom of depression. Many people with depression struggle to fall asleep, or stay asleep, despite feeling exhausted. Other people with depression sleep too much.

6 . Having Aches And Pains

Your brain is designed in such a manner that when you are struggling with mental health issues, you tend to develop signs of physical illness too. Many people with depression experience unexplained body aches, muscle pains and headaches. But they attribute these to a physical health problem and pop painkillers instead.

7 . Feeling Tired All the time

Depression can make you feel fatigued and tired all the time and lower your energy levels. Most of the people attribute this to excessive work load or  increasing age and do not address it in a timely manner. Remember that if small tasks tire you or take longer to complete, you may be depressed.

8 . Feeling of Guilt

Blaming yourself without a logical reasoning for all the events in your life is an unhealthy trait.If you blame yourself responsible for all personal, professional and childhood issues, you may be depressed.Many people with depression also feel worthless. Always pay close attention to your inner thought process. If you feel you are being excessively harsh, critical or illogical, it could be a sign of depression.

9 . Difficulty In Concentration

Many people with depression tend to forget things often and misplace things very frequently like their keys or paperwork. People with early signs of depression experience difficulty concentrating and focusing for example when giving or receiving direction or comprehending what they’re reading, and an inability to remember specific details.

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What You Should Do

-If you have some of these classic symptoms of depression and if your symptoms are severe and have lasted longer than a few weeks, you should seek help.

-The best place to start is with your doctor.

Remember that depression is not a sign of weakness or a reason for shame, it is a serious illness.

-The good news is that even in serious cases of clinical depression, treatment is usually very successful.

– The earlier treatment is started, the more successful it is.

So, do not shy away from seeking help and live a healthy, fulfilling and positive life. Stay Healthy, Stay happy!

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