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How To Treat Acne | Skin Diaries | By Dr. Rajiv Sekhri


Today we are talking about a very common problem, acne, the pimples. Please remember acne is not a disease, but an easily treatable, manageable problem. If you treat it correctly, you will not have scars. All you need is to get in touch with your dermatologist. He is going to give you few instructions. The number one instruction is cleansing of your face. Use standard cleansing of your face; you may use a standard soap, you may use a face wash to clean your face, but there is not need to really scrub off your face. If you scrub, you are going to break up those pimples and chances of infection are increased. Scrubbed acne can will leave behind more scars. The second step is to use medication.

Medications are of 2 types; you can use topical creams and gels if acne are very few. Among oral medicines, antibiotics are used. Remember, don’t overuse antibiotics. Always discuss with your doctor who will give you correct advice. There are also retinoids, which are a type of oral medicine which affect the sebaceous glands, the oil glands. They reduce the production of oil and reduce the size of the oil gland. This is what is desirable in case of acne. Speak to your doctor, he will give you oral medicines and application of certain anti-acne gels and creams.

Once you have treated the acne, you need to keep the acne away. To do so, you will be given 2 forms of medications: benzoyl peroxide and topical retinoids. Both are anti-acne and prevent reoccurance of the acne. For further information, you can get in touch with dermatologist in your area and follow his instructions.

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