How To Have Perfect Skin | Skin Diaries | By Dr. Jaishree Sharad (MD Dermatology)

Here are some common questions about skin health:

1. How do I reduce puffiness under the eyes?

First of all, you must sleep early and sleep at least for 6 hours. Avoid having too much of salt in your diet because that causes water retention. Avoid alcohol as it also causes a lot of puffiness due to build up of sodium chloride under the eyes. If you’ve had a late night and excess alcohol then the next day you must have a lot of lime or lemon in your diet. You can have lemon juices, or you can have it neat to reduce all the puffiness. You may sleep with slices of cucumber under your eyes. That’s a temporary measure but it does help. Look for a vitamin C and vitamin K-based cream. It’s available easily in the market. You can apply that everyday under the eyes and that will also reduce your puffiness. If the puffiness is very severe then it could also be just fat which is coming out and you may need a surgery to get that puffiness off.

2. I had gone through carbon laser treatment but after 3 days my skin started itching and became scaly. What should I do?

First of all, you must not have moisturized your skin well after doing the laser treatment. Laser makes the skin a little dry so you must moisturize your skin. Use something which has oats and lipids and glycerine and ceramides so this will coat your skin well and protect it from getting more sensitive. Also, protect yourself from sun exposure, do not steam, wax, use sauna or even any kind of scrubs because that will again make the skin more sensitive. So once you do that, you may need a mild cortisone cream on your areas wherever you have done the carbon so that your itch reduces and the scaliness also reduces. You may want to take an antihistamine or antiallergic. Any antihistamine will do, just pop in 1 pill and that’ll do the trick.

3. I have sensitive skin and hyperpigmentation. How do I choose my sunscreen and moisturizing cream?

Avoid a sunscreen which has too many chemicals. Look for something mild, like avobenzone or oxybenzone. Also if your sunscreen has colloidal oatmeal or those kind of oats, your skin will be protected from getting more sensitive and developing rashes, redness or itchiness. These sunscreens will also prevent skin aging and skin cancer. Also look for protection from UV-A and UV-B. In terms of a moisturizer, you must choose moisturizers which have colloidal oatmeal and oats. Again, they are anti-inflammatory and will protect the skin barrier layer and form a proper lipid layer with the oat lipids. This will keep your skin hydrated. 

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