High Intensity Workout Found To Increase Exercise Motivation

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High-intensity Interval Training workout found to increase workout motivation, recent study suggests. 

-A recent study, conducted by a group of researchers in the US, evaluated close to 40 adults with a sedentary lifestyle.

-The adults were sub-grouped in two groups; one in which the adults were engaged in stationary bike workouts for three days in a week. Adults in this group performed high-intensity interval training (HIT) which included one minute high intensity workout followed by one minute-recovery for a span for 20 minutes.

-Adults in the other group performed moderate intensity cycling (peak heart rate 70%-75%) for about 28 minutes.

-After six weeks’ time, it was observed that ones who did HIT workout had 10% higher overall exercise score compared to those who did moderate intensity workout. It was also observed that score increased on a weekly basis and peaked by the end.

-In contrast to those who did moderate intensity workout, the score remained stagnant throughout.

-The study also suggested that the HIT twice improved the strength of the adults compared to those who did moderate intensity workout thereby suggesting an association between enjoyment and fitness.

-Findings were published in PLOS ONE

Source: PLOS ONE

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