Electro-acupuncture Found To Help Breast Cancer Survivors

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Alternative therapy such as electroacupuncture likely to help breast cancer survivors with hot flashes and sleep disturbances, study suggests. 

-In a study, conducted in the US and Canada, suggested that electro-acupuncture may be helpful in providing relief to breast cancer patients

-The researchers studied close to 58 survivors of breast cancer who complained of distorted sleep from hot flashes.

-Of the total participants, half of them received electro-acupuncture ( a therapy where high pulsating current is applied to affected areas), and the remaining half were administered with anti-seizure medication.

-At the end of the 8 week study, the group receiving electro-acupuncture showcased significant changes improvements. These patients noticed fewer sleep disturbances and were able to fall asleep faster and were able to sleep for longer hours.

-Further studies need to be conducted to validate this hypothesis.

Findings were published in Menopause

Source: Menopause

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