HbA1c Test: 9 Things You Need To Know About It

Image showing the HbA1c test


  1. The HbA1c test is used as a regular monitoring test for people with diabetes
  2. The test gives a good indication of the average blood glucose levels over the past six weeks
  3. The test is used along regular blood sugar monitoring to make adjustments in your diabetes medicines
  4. Results: Normal range is 4% and 5.6% , 5.7% -6.4% indicates increased risk of diabetes and 6.5% or higher indicates diabetes
  5. The goal for people with diabetes is a hemoglobin A1c less than 7%
  6. People with diabetes should have this test every 3 months to determine whether their blood sugars have reached the target level of control
  7. The HbA1c test result does not change with any recent changes in diet, exercise, or medicines
  8. Keeping your HbA1c level in your target range can lower your chance for problems
  9. The HbA1c test does not replace the need for other regular blood glucose


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