Goodness Of Curd: 9 Reasons To Relish Dahi This Summer Season

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Curd or Dahi is considered as one of the most healthiest foods owing to its countless nutritional benefits. Be it summers or winters; breakfast, lunch or dinner, curd is never a misfit! Curd holds a special place in the Indian household since time immemorial and it is considered as a good omen to have some curd before starting any new venture or starting a journey.Curd is a low calorie (100 gm of curd has just 61kcal) food packed with essential nutrients like protein, Vitamin D, Calcium, phosphorous, Vitamin E and Zinc.


Here are some key benefits of including curd in your diet:

1 . Improves Digestion

Curd helps to keep the good bacteria present in our digestive system in balance which is essential for a healthy digestive system. The cooling properties of curd provide much needed relief to your tummy from various spices in your food. It works instantly on reducing acidity and burning sensation in your stomach. It also helps in treating stomach problems like diarrhea, constipation and gastro intestinal infections.

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2 . Aids In Weight Loss

Being very low on calories and high in protein, curd keeps you full for long and thus prevents overeating. Always add curd to your meals for a balanced and healthy diet if you are on a weight loss regime.

3 . Strengthens Bones And Teeth

Being loaded with calcium, vitamin D and phosphorous, it is the best natural solution for healthy bones and teeth. Regular consumption of curd has proven to prevent joint related diseases.

4 . Improves Heart Health

Curd prevents accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries thus preventing hypertension and heart related disorders.

5 . Boosts Energy Levels

The instant carbohydrates in curd instantly raise your energy levels. Being rich in protein and fiber, it will not allow your energy levels to go down for long.

6 . Helps In Absorption Of Nutrients

Apart from being high in nutritional value on its own, it works on improving the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods as well.

7 . Fights Stress 

Recent studies suggest that curd has a significant positive effect in the way brain responds to the environment and reduces your stress and anxiety levels. It also works well with managing lows and is a wonderful mood lifter.

8 . Keeps The Body Hydrated

The significant amount of water present in the curd keeps you well hydrated for a long time. Curd is also well known for its antioxidant properties.

9 . Promotes Skin And Hair Health

Curd works wonders for your skin and hair. Use curd to prepare homemade packs for your skin which are not only economical and natural but provide instant improvement in skin texture and skin tone. Curd is very popular for its anti ageing properties and is excellent for treating sun burns. It is a natural hair conditioner and also helps in fighting dandruff.


Buttermilk or chaach and  sweetened lassi are some of the most popular summer drinks made from curd. In addition to having it as plain curd, here are 3 interesting and easy to make recipes from curd:

Curd Dip

Add about 250- 500gm curd in a sieve, hang it near the sink and let its water drain till it becomes thick in consistency. Chop 1 onion, 1 capsicum and 2 -3 cloves of garlic and mix in the hung curd. Add salt, pepper and use it as a dip with any snacks, sandwiches. It is extremely refreshing and has an excellent flavor.

Fruit Smoothies

For a glass of smoothie, add banana, mango, peaches and seasonal berries to a jar and blend it to form a puree. Add 1 cup of curd to it and blend well. You may want to add ½ a cup of milk or fresh orange juice according to your taste.

Dahi Ke Kebab

Dry roast ¼ cup besan till it becomes a bit darker, let it cool. Add 1 and a half cup of hung curd to it, mix chopped ginger, garlic, coriander leaves and green chilies to the mixture. Add salt, pepper and roasted cumin to the mixture. Mix well but do not overdo it as it is important to maintain the thick consistency. Shape the mixture into small tikkis and shallow fry. These are best served hot with green chutney and salad.

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It is best to prepare curd at home. Never buy curd prepared from non pasteurized/ raw milk.Since anything in excess can be harmful, one should limit curd consumption to a maximum of 250- 500 gms in a day.Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy!

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