First Aid: Tips To Stop Bleeding


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For minor bleeding (small wound/cut/abrasion)

-Wash the affected area under running cold water and pat dry.

-Cover the area completely with a sterile gauze dressing and apply firm pressure.

-Elevate the affected part and support it above the level of heart (when possible)

-Consult a doctor to address the injury.

For major bleeding ( example: road traffic accident, major fall)

-Call for help/ambulance.

-Apply firm continued pressure over wound to stop bleeding.

-Elevate affected part.

-Make the patient lie flat on back with legs raised.

-Keep patient warm using blanket to cover or to lie on.

-Apply firm, but not too tight dressing to stop bleeding. If it gets soaked, add fresh gauze on top of it or replace with fresh dressing while maintaining pressure all the time.

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