What To Expect In The Second Trimester Of Your Pregnancy

What To Expect In The Second Trimester Of Your Pregnancy

Welcome to the second trimester (14th-27th week) known as the “honeymoon period of pregnancy” as it is the most comfortable of all three trimesters. This phase brings a renewed sense of well-being as nausea subsides, emotions even out and sex drive returns.

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Changes you may expect during your second trimester:

1. Quickening: This is the most exciting pregnancy moment when you will start feeling some delicate flutters of movement in your abdomen (around 20 weeks of pregnancy). However, there is nothing to worry if you don’t, as it is perfectly normal if it starts by the sixth month.

2. White discharge: One may continue to experience a milky white discharge through the vagina. You should report to your doctor if it has a foul smell or has a different colour.

3. Weight gain and sudden bump: This is the time when the baby bump starts to show. You can indulge in some antenatal exercises or a light 30-minute walk daily. The ideal weight gain during this trimester is around 3-5 kg.

4. Backache: All the extra weight you’ve put on will now begin to put pressure on your back, making it sore. Make sure you sit on chairs that provide good back support and avoid lifting anything heavy. Sleeping on the side and using a pillow between your legs or beneath your knees while sleeping on the back will also help ease back ache during pregnancy.

5. Frequent urination: As the baby begins to grow and move upwards, it starts putting pressure on the bladder and thus the urge to urinate increases. Consult your doctor in case of urinary tract infection.

6. Hair growth and glowing skin: Pregnancy can give you thick lustrous hair, but unfortunately you may have them growing where you never had them before, like on the face, neck and back. It is advisable to either shave or wax them as there isn’t enough evidence about the safety of laser procedures during pregnancy. Coming to your skin, you will bask in pregnancy glow in this trimester. Stretch marks usually appear at this time along with linea nigra, a vertical line running from belly button down to your pubic area which is caused due to pigmentation. Although these symptoms are normal, consult a doctor if you get rashes or itchiness.

7. Acidity: With changes in hormonal levels during the second trimester, you can experience heartburn and constipation. Avoid lying down immediately after having spicy foods and increase your fibre and water intake to address these concerns.

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You may need to undergo ultrasound scan, screening tests for genetic disorders, and various other blood tests in this trimester.

So, prepare yourself and most importantly, stay happy because the third trimester is on the way!

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