Dancing Found To Be Beneficial For Brain Function!

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If you were to choose between, brisk walking, stretching or dancing, dancing may be the best for the brain, study reveals. 

-In a recent study, conducted by the University of Illinois, scientists studied and compared the neurological effects of dancing to that of walking and other activities.

-The study included 174 healthy individuals aged between 60 and 70 with no signs of cognitive impairment. Most of them lived a sedentary lifestyle, only a few exercised regularly.

-The study was focused to evaluate their aerobic fitness, mental capabilities and a comprehensive brain scan.

-The participants were further into divided into smaller groups in which some followed a program of brisk walking (an hour everyday for three days a week), whereas others did simple stretching and balance training (three times a week) and others learnt to dance (three times a week for an hour).

-Post six months, the brain activity of the participants was monitored. Slight improvement in the degeneration of the white matter of the volunteers (who lived a sedentary lifestyle) but practiced dancing lately was observed.

-Participants who practiced dance showcased significant changes in the biochemistry of the brain such as increase in the thickness and quantity of the wiring of the brain.

-Almost all the groups performed much better in the thinking tests. Amongst all, people who practiced dance revealed white matter gains.

-Findings were published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

Source: Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

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