Cellulite Overload? Take A Massage Using These 5 Essential Oils

Cellulite Overload? Take A Massage Using These 5 Essential Oils

Cellulite refers to the fatty deposits below the skin causing dimpled, bumpy surfaces. It tends to collect mostly around the thighs and hips but can also develop in other areas of the body. If you are a victim of cellulite build up, you know how difficult it is to break it down.

Though a sensible diet and training or exercise are necessary for any sort of fat reduction, many find adding essential oil massages to the mix to be highly beneficial, especially for cellulite. The reasons for the build-up of cellulite on thighs and hips mostly revolve around toxin accumulation and lack of proper circulation. Essential oils assist the body to get rid of toxins by boosting circulation and oxygen flow.

How to get rid of cellulite?

Here is a list of top essential oils for your cellulite affected areas. Massage with these essential oils on your cellulite and it will help you get rid of cellulite:

Grapefruit Oil: Grapefruit oil is a popular choice for attacking cellulite accumulation due to its intrinsic healing properties. The most distinct characteristic of grapefruit oil is its high Vitamin C level which helps fight fat. In addition, it filters out unwanted substances from the body, which constitutes the main reason for build-up of cellulite on thighs.

Geranium Oil: Geranium oil is a flower-based oil that works extremely well against cellulite when mixed with a little coconut oil. Geranium possesses wonderful antiseptic qualities and is also an excellent astringent. It helps fix hormonal imbalances and stimulates the lymphatic system. Its ability to restrict water retention and fight curdling of the dermal layers of skin tissue makes it ideal for cellulite breakdown. Geranium oil also provides nutrition and moisture to the skin in addition to exuding a lovely floral aroma.

Lemongrass Oil: Lemongrass oil works on multiple levels to fight cellulite. Firstly, lemongrass is an age-old ingredient for stress relief. It soothes the body while boosting energy. Secondly, it prevents water retention which assists in cellulite break down. Thirdly, it has toxin removing qualities which come from its active ingredients such as citronellal (from which citronella oil is made) and terpenes. Lastly, lemongrass also cures excessive sweating conditions such as hyperhidrosis and clears dermal layers of the toxins that lie in the accumulated sweat.

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Rosemary Oil: Rosemary is recommended for its abilities to fight water retention and toxin build-up. It can also help to stay positive, alert and upbeat. This motivates individuals to lead a more active lifestyle thereby contributing towards fat reduction via exercise and movement. Rosemary also unblocks lymphatic congestion and imparts cosmetic relief through its firming and toning properties.

Fennel Oil: Fennel oil can be prepared by adding fennel powder to other essential oils, such as rosemary to create a blend, or in a direct oil form that’s extracted from fennel seeds. Fennel boosts metabolism and quickens the process of waste elimination and fat break up. Its diuretic properties minimize water retention and work on breaking down cellulite from the inside out. Fennel oil, mixed with some olive or jojoba oil should be applied when warm for best results.

Cellulite takes time to break down. Hence, regular massages with these essential oils, over a period of time are recommended.

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