Can Eating Fruits Cause Diabetes?


No, eating fruits cannot cause diabetes.

-Type 1 diabetes is a genetic disorder marked by severe deficiency or absence of insulin production from the pancreas. Eating fruits cannot lead to this form of diabetes.

-Type 2 diabetes is marked by resistance of the body to insulin.No natural fruits can produce insulin resistance on consumption.Hence, diabetes type 2 also cannot be induced by eating any fruits.

-However, there are some fruits which are rich in sugars and should be avoided by people who are already diabetic,as eating these fruits increases blood sugar levels and can result in weight gain.

-Some of the fruits that should be avoided are banana, custard apple, chikoo, sweet melon, grapes which are known to have very high levels of sugars.

-Along with these packed fruit juices, sugar or fruit syrups, jams and jellies must be avoided as they increase blood sugar levels.

-Some fruits that are very useful in diabetes are jamun, guava, star fruit, pineapple, papaya, oranges, water melon and pomegranate. These can be consumed in small proportions of 100-200 grams each day.

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