Backpain Likely To Increase Risk Of An Early Death


Backpain has been identified as an important co-morbidity and is anticipated to affect the lifespan and quality of life, study suggests

-Recent research, conducted in University of Sydney, revealed that people who suffer from backpain are found to be at an increased risk of early death.

-As per the study people with spinal pain were at 13% higher risk of early death compared to those without spinal pain (back and neck)

-With an overall prevalence of about 84% in an individual’s lifetime, backpain has been found to commonly affect people during old age. In the study, close to 4,390 Danish twins, aged more than 70 years were evaluated.

-Backpain has been addressed as an important co-morbidity that is expected to effect the longevity and quality of life of people.

-Researchers also suggested that a healthy lifestyle, regular physical workout and healthy eating could help avert the chances of backpain during old age.

Source: University of Sydney

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