5 Surprising Beauty Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

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Make-up and skin-care products have served as our weapons of choice to combat skin-ageing since time immemorial. While nothing can delay the process of ageing, hiding fine lines or wrinkles is what ‘beauty’ products are chiefly aimed at. However, it has now dawned upon the ever-evolving health and wellness industry that certain beauty processes cause a lot of damage to your skin. So today, let us discuss a few skin-care habits that are best avoided:

1 . Stretching Your Skin While Applying Make-Up

It is a very common practice to tug at the soft skin around your eyes to get that even color while applying make-up. This harms the delicate skin around to a great extent by damaging the blood vessels around the eyes that cause puffiness and fine lines to appear.

2 . Going To Bed With Make-Up

While removing make-up before hitting the sack may seem like a daunting task, especially after a long day at work and then at play, leaving it on is recipe for disaster. The chemicals contained in even the so called ‘herbal’ make-up concoctions cause skin-sagging, dullness and the appearance of pimples and acne.

3 . Aggressive Make-Up Removal Techniques

While non-removal of make-up is an issue in itself, going overboard with the cleaning take a bigger toll on your skin. It causes irreversible skin cell damage and blood vessel breakage which ultimately results in your face appearing dull and life-less with wrinkles everywhere.

4 . Messing With Zits And Pimples

We have always been advised against picking on pesky pimples and skin lesions. The reason behind this piece of wisdom is that scratching or forcibly bursting pimples often leads to contamination of the surrounding skin-areas. Also, these leave behind scars and cause roughness on the skin-surface.

5 .  Skipping The Sunscreen

Harmful sun rays cause the highest degree of damage to the exposed parts of our body. The appearance of fine lines, dark spots or patches, dryness and wrinkles are all results of non-application of sunscreen before venturing out. Even if you are using the car while going out, never skip the sunscreen.

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