Are You Making These Common Breakfast Mistakes?

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it ensures that your metabolism starts well and you are fit enough to face the day. A healthy breakfast will ensure that you have a stable blood sugar, avoid sudden food cravings, and get a good store of essentials nutrients your body needs.

Here are some common breakfast mistakes that you are making everyday:

1 . Skipping Breakfast

The most common mistake most people make is skipping breakfast. Any breakfast is better than no breakfast. A link clearly exists between missing breakfast and obesity and it is found that obese people tend to skip breakfast more often and starving the body creates a craving for high calorie food.

2 . Eating Less

If your mid-day snack is a regular habit, you need to revisit your breakfast plans and see if the food is adequate. A bowl of fruit may certainly replenish you with vitamins and minerals, but it does not satisfy your carbohydrate needs. If you lack the time and like to just grab something in a hurry, let it be more wholesome and packed with all the elements needed for a full meal.

3 . Having Breakfast Late

It is common to not feel hungry every morning if you have had too much for supper the previous day. But that does not justify a late breakfast meal. Grab a whole fruit within an hour after rising so as to kick-start your metabolism for the day.

4 . Opting For Processed Cereals

Breakfasts comprising of sugary cereals, bagels and cinnamon rolls are tempting but best avoided in the breakfast plate. Excess sugar causes a dramatic spike in blood sugar followed by a sudden fall in energy levels. Sugary cereals make you feel hungrier soon and you are likely to go snacking during mid-day

5 . Being Obsessed About ” Fat Free”

Health fads of avoiding fats like butter and oil, or giving up the yolk of an egg and eating only the white, can cause more harm than benefit.  Sugar is the enemy when it comes to weight loss programs, not fat. Certain nutrients are fat soluble and so the body needs some amount of fat for absorption. Add some healthy fats to your breakfast like peanut butter, olive oil, avocados, egg yolk, and cheese.

6 . Not Having Enough Fiber

The more the fiber in your breakfast, the better it is to kick start your metabolism. Dietary fiber ensures a well-functioning digestive system. Always make sure to have more fiber than sugar in your breakfast. Ideally you should have 5 grams of fiber in your breakfast every day. Multigrain bread, oats, bran, idlis, dosa and upma, fruits and dry fruits are all healthy ways to increase fiber in breakfast.

7 . Not Adding Protein

Protein in addition to being a rich source of energy for the body is also digests slowly and keeps one feeling full for longer. Include eggs or low sugar yoghurt to give you the protein boost. Lentil based breakfasts; beans such as soya, kidney and derivatives, peas, tomatoes, fruits such as guava, quinoa, chia seeds, peanuts, and milk are all good sources of protein. Without ample protein in your diet, your food gets digested really quickly and you are likely to go the vending machines for your favorite snack bar soon after breakfast.

8 . Over-Indulging On Weekends

Some people tend to change their breakfast choices almost regularly. Just fruits and low calorie foods through the week and a large rich breakfast on the weekend. Studies show that people who have high calorie variations in their breakfast are more prone to weight gain and risk of heart disease.

So, go ahead and give up these unhealthy breakfast habits to stay active and energetic throughout the day. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of your day and you should make sure that you start your day on a healthy note. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy With 1mg, a leading online medical store India!.


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