Are Flax Seeds Good For People With Diabetes?

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Yes, flax seeds are very good for people with diabetes.

Flax seeds are rich in soluble dietary fiber, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, proteins and lignans. They are low glycemic foods i.e. their glycemic index is low; it takes relatively longer to digest foods having low glycemic index. Flax seeds have several other benefits for diabetics, these include:

-Flax seeds are low glycemic foods, thus they help in stabilizing blood sugar levels for longer.

-Flax seeds are high in dietary fiber, and help you feel fuller for longer.

-Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which makes your brain satiated and reduces cravings for food

-Flax seeds are a rich source of lignans, which reduce the inflammatory response and free radicals released in the body, and help in reducing the complications of diabetes

-Due to low glycemic index, they keep blood sugar levels relatively more stable and reduce spikes in blood sugar levels

Apart from positive effects of flax seeds, a downside of flax seeds is that, they are high in calorie value, and need to be consumed in moderation to avoid weight gain. Therefore, ideal dosage of flax seeds should be 10-12 grams of flax seed per day.

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