Acne – Do’s And Don’ts You Must Follow

Acne – Do's And Don’ts You Must Follow

If you are somebody suffering from acne, you may be spending huge amounts of money on products that guarantee to give you a clear and radiant skin. The bad news is that your money may be going down the drain. The encouraging news is that there are several methods to prevent acne and pimples that won’t cost you a dime. Following a regular skin care regimen to keep your skin away from dirt and bacteria can significantly reduce acne.

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To start with, you can practice some of these important things and successfully keep acne at bay:
Keep your hands away from your face: You just cannot avoid getting bacteria and germs on your hands if you travel to public places and touch objects that have been touched by hundreds of other people. So, unless you are washing your face and keeping your hands away from your skin to avoid the chances of transferring those germs from your hands to your face, you are at risk of getting acne.
Use a gel-based facial cleanser: A gel-based cleanser best suits a combination-to-oily skin type, while a cream-based cleanser is typical for normal-to-dry skin. Excess oil on the face is a home to increased dust deposition and bacterial growth, and gel cleansers help by getting rid of the extra oil without making your skin excessively dry.
Use products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide: A toner, spot treatment cream or a serum containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can really be helpful for acne-prone skin because of its acne-fighting properties.
Eat a balanced diet: Not just your skin care practices, but your eating habits also largely affect your skin. People who consume an excess of sugar-sweetened items, carbonated drinks, and oily foods are more prone to getting acne compared to those who eat healthy fruits such as fruits, complex carbohydrates, etc. Hence, it is really important to eat the correct diet to make your skin healthy and acne-free.

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Opt for mineral-based makeup: For all those makeup junkies, if your skin is prone to acne, avoid using heavy makeup. If you have to wear makeup on a regular basis, prefer buying mineral-based foundations and powder (these products do not support bacterial growth). You should always wash off your makeup before sleeping to avoid the chemicals from adversely acting on your skin through the nighttime.

Acne prone skin can be hard to handle. But if you follow these simple essential steps, you will be able to have an acne-free, smooth and supple skin.

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