A Compound In Onion Found To Suppress Ovarian Cancer!

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A natural compound found in onion has been found to suppress a form of ovarian cancer.

With several health benefits to its cap, onion was further investigated for the ability of its natural compound onionin A (ONA) as an anti-cancer agent for epithelial ovarian cancer (the most common form of ovarian cancer).

-Researchers from Kumamoto University (Japan), investigated the effect of ONA on a pre-clinical model of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer.( sample of tissue containg the cancerous cells).

-As per the study, the introduction of ONA to the cancer cells was found to delay the growth of these cells.

-Additionally, the study also suggested that, addition of ONA boosted the anti-proliferation ability of the anti-cancer drugs.

-Findings were published in Scientific Report Journal

Source: Scientific Report Journal

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