7 Healthy Ways To Eliminate Refined Sugar From Your Daily Diet

7 Healthy Ways To Eliminate Refined Sugar From Your Daily Diet

Being aware of the many shortcomings of consuming refined sugar, we have all at some point in time, tried to cut unhealthy refined sugars from our daily diet. Refined sugar is the sugar that is added to processed food. Apart from causing diabetes, it also alters the pH levels in your body, making it more acidic and a haven for diseases.

Given below are a few healthy ways that will help avoid the sweet comeback of sugar in your diets:

1 . Opt for whole foods

A hot bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a fulfilling lunch of green leafy greens and a light dinner of fresh vegetables is all you need in your shift from the sugary substances. Always choose whole foods over processed items for their rich protein content. A bowl of berries is always better than a processed bowl of dry cereals. Moreover, whole foods tend to satiate your hunger much more quickly and for a longer period of time, thus, minimizing your cravings.

2 . Treat yourself to a delicious salad

The intake of raw foods never fails to keep you healthy. When eliminating refined sugar from your daily diet, experiment with salads. Rich in water, fibers and naturally sweet ingredients like carrot, tomatoes, and spinach, salad is the solution to your cravings. Choose vegan salad dressings over the processed ones, and you are good to go. Even a green smoothie will be a good substitute.

3 . Give seaweed a try

A high chromium content found in seaweeds is proven to prevent sugar cravings. It is also a potent source of iron and chlorophyll which helps detoxify your liver. Add seaweed as seasoning to salads & soups to help reduce the sugar craving.

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4 . Take the omega route

 In this period where you have eliminated refined sugar from your food items, vegan foods carrying omega- 3s would be a great substitute to optimize the level of sugar in your blood. Foods rich in Omega- 3s like walnuts, acai, chia, flax, hemp, berries, will even heal any inflammation caused by the consumption of refined sugar or animal foods.

5 . Eat roasted veggies

Now here is a tasty reward for your dedication on going sugar- free! A plate of well-roasted vegetables carries a generous amount of fiber, water, potassium, and vitamin B. It tastes incredibly sweet without an ounce of added sugar.

6 . Stay hydrated

It goes without saying that, like everywhere else; water will help you in this phase too. Drinking ample amounts of water as a routine will aid you in eliminating sugar from your diet in a guaranteed way.

7 . Opt for small servings of fruits

 It is no secret that even the most determined souls will have a bad craving for sugar once a while. When it hits, instead of grabbing a bag of cookies or a sugary granola bar to satiate your cravings, have a small quantity of your favorite Naturally sweet, fruits are a great way to meet your sweet tooth needs.

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